Muscle Medley 1 (Download)

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GMV-756  Digital Download  Duration:  135 mins  Sample Clip

We feature 2 separate gym workouts, firstly with HIDETADA YAMAGISHI (pictured front cover above) and then with fast rising young German star CARSTEN BOOCH, plus much more.


Muscle Medley #1 – A Cavalcade of Muscle Stars!

This is #1 in a brand new series featuring the BEST MEN in World bodybuilding, with a mix of top Pro bodybuilders along with up and coming top amateurs and future stars. This international DVD magazine presents a 135 minute galaxy of physique stars from USA, Japan, UK, Germany, Holland and Turkey.

Hidetada Photo Gallery

We feature 2 separate gym workouts, firstly with HIDETADA YAMAGISHI (pictured front cover above) and then with fast rising young German star CARSTEN BOOCH. Carsten is a new young German athlete who can go a long way in the sport.

See group photo bottom of the page from the Carsten Booch shoot in Germany.

Hidetada poses with FLEX LEWIS in the end of his segment. There is also some previously unseen footage of new young Pro DARYL GEE, plus much more in pumping and posing and training tips from the following athletes:

The Cavalcade of Muscle Stars includes:

Hidetada Yamagishi
Flex Lewis
Toney Freeman
Daryl Gee
Quincy Taylor
David Hughes
Carsten Booch
Jako Van der Velde
Hollywood Yates
Olivier Gruner
Tatlan Ekinci

Extra Scenes: 
20 mins from Hide Gym Workout from our second camera.

SPECIAL THANKS to Richard Rossan for models Yamagishi, Lewis, Gee and Hughes and for making this DVD possible.
PHOTOGRAPHERS: Richard Rossan, Raymond Cassar & Wolfgang Koellerer (Hidetada cameraman) –, Wayne & Tina Gallasch.