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MuscleMag Video Journal # 1 download

MuscleMag Video Magazine # 1 (Download)

AUD $7.50

A-4063  Digital Download  Duration:  85 mins  Sample Clip

Straight from the 90’s: the very first MuscleMag Video Magazine, featuring the late great Robert Kennedy with a host of guest stars, including Craig Titus, Marjo Selin and many more.

Product Description

MuscleMag Video Magazine # 1


  • Introduction by Robert Kennedy
  • The Event: Old-timers get together
  • Shape Training – John Kennedy
  • Musclemail – Marjo Selin
  • IronMan Invitational – Contest Report
  • Bodybuilding for beginners – Roger Stewart
  • Variety in Training – Lee Apperson
  • Muscle-go-round – Robert Kennedy
  • Up and Coming – Craig Titus
  • Arnold Classic – Contest Report
  • Power Chow – Hannu Selin
  • The Wild Physique – Vince Gironda
  • Hardcore Muscle – Dave Fisher and Sue Price
  • Parrillo Performance – John Parrillo
  • Pittsburgh Pro Invitational – Contest Report