OHF 2002 Hall of Fame # 8 – Earl Maynard (Download)

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The 2002 OHF Awards Video #8 features EARL MAYNARD.  It also features awards to ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, LOUIS MARTIN, WAG & DIANNE BENNETT, DAVID GENTLE, WILLIAM SLATER & BILL PALMER. (Arnold was unable to attend).


OHF 2002 Hall of Fame # 8 – Earl Maynard

The 8th Video of the Annual Memorial Dinner & OHF Hall of Fame Awards.
Slough, England, March 16th, 2002.  VIDEO DOWNLOAD & DVD #8.

OHF Awards # 8 2002 Gallery

The Oscar Heidenstam Foundation honours exceptional athletes and those who by their endeavour and ambassadorship serve and inspire others. The OHF Hall of Fame Dinner was held annually on the third Saturday in March, from 1992 to 2008.

See and hear the world-famous honourees, distinguished guests and the many other personalities who attended. Enjoy the tributes, speeches, presentation of awards, and memorabilia displays. There are impromptu times of entertainment with moments of agility and various strength feats from time to time.

The major recipients of the 2002 OHF Hall of Fame Awards were EARL MAYNARD, and ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER who had the award collected on his behalf.

Earl was a three times Amateur Class 1 winner and the Overall NABBA Professional Mr Universe winner for 1964. He went on to win titles in the IFBB, become a top Wrestling Champion and Movie Star.
Arnold won 4 NABBA Universe titles, 7 Mr Olympias and many more titles during his incredible career.

The Outstanding Contribution to Physical Culture Award went to DAVID GENTLE.
The OHF Special Recognition Award went to LOUIS MARTIN, M.B.E.
The OHF Gymnastics Award went to WILLIAM “BILL” SLATER C.B.E.
The Dr Tom Temperley Award went to BILL PALMER.