Power and Strength 95 (Download)

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GMV-205  Digital Download    Duration:  60 mins Sample clip

This DVD was shot in Europe primarily, and also in USA. See some of the world’s strongest men in a one hour DVD of pure excitement, showing amazing feats of strength, skill, power and daring. Do not try these feats at home!


Power and Strength 95

This video was shot in Europe primarily at the 1995 FIBO, and also in USA. See some of the world’s strongest men in an hour of pure excitement, showing amazing feats of strength, skill, power and daring. Do not try these feats at home!

Highlights & Stars include:

BILL KAZMAIER – U.S.A. pressing huge dumbells. 3 time World’s Strongest Man winner.
MANFRED HOEBERL (Austria) – the world’s largest arms at 26″ (66cms).
GEORG CHRISTENS, Germany’s famous strongman and his bed of nails! He has an amazing 14 entries in the Guinness Book of World Records.

TOM ‘LEGS’ PLATZ – how The Golden Eagle squats huge weights plus his posing routine.
MIKE DAYTON – in his dangerous hanging act – warning – do not attempt this stunt!
DAVID WEBSTER – shows us his old time barbells and weights owned by the great strong men of 100 years ago.
KIM SILVER – France’s king of the nunchakus performs his breathtaking and dangerous feats of skill and strength.

USSR’s OLYMPIC WEIGHT LIFTERS – four champions make amazing lifts ending with ALEXANDER KURLOVICH’s 535.5lb (242.5Kg) clean and jerk. They include KURLOVICH, YURI ZACAREVICH, ANATOLI KHRAPATI and LEONID ZHABOTINSKY’s world record clean and jerk in Berlin.

USA vs GERMANY – double deadlift grudge match competition. A highlight of the video as a massive 675 Kg (1485lbs) is lifted by the winning team from Germany. The teams were MICHAEL BRÜGGER and RALF GIERZ of Germany and LARRY BROWN and PHIL FARMER of USA. See 2 men deadlifying together on the one bar!

THOMAS SCHEU, German physique star leg pressing 5 people for reps.
The “HAMMER HOLD” competition to find the strongest man at FIBO ’95. This is similar to an event in the World’s Strongest Man Competition.

(Tom Platz’s leg workout is courtesy POWERLIFTER VIDEO MAGAZINE.)