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Ronnie Coleman – Invincible: Part 3 (Download)

AUD $12.50

A-1272C  Digital Download  Duration: 118 mins  Sample Clip

Part 3 includes: – Cardio at home, Home gym workout with trainer/friend – legs & abs, Meal after workout, Home gym workout with trainer/friend – back and triceps, and much more.


Ronnie Coleman – Invincible Part 3

– Cardio at home
– Breakfast & supplements
– Home gym workout with trainer/friend – legs & abs
– Meal after workout
– More cardio
– Midnight meal & supplements
– Next morning – cardio, supplements and food
– Home gym workout with trainer/friend – back and triceps

The first part of this video was shot on July 9th and 10th 2007 on Ronnie’s final off-season week. This was 12 weeks out from the 2007 Olympia.

Then more taping again on September 3rd and 4th, 2007 – just 3 weeks out from the Olympia.

The video includes a final body check by Ronnie’s nutritionist Chad Nicholls on the day of the Olympia, September 28th, 2007 in his hotel room.

Ronnie mentions that his diet has changed from last year and explains how and why. His weight training regime has also changed. All training sessions were shot at Big Ron’s home gym in Texas.


Ronnie speaks out I & II.
How he became a bodybuilder. (17mins )
How he got his pro card. (14mins ).
Audio only version of Ronnie’s car history and some more things. (26min.) (Ronnie is a big car collector)
Fun Extra Scenes ( 2mins)
Also include Ronnie’s delts workout scenes from BFO 2007 to complete a whole body workout. (Duplicated footage from The battle for the Olympia 2007. )
Olympia Contest footage not included.