Roger Walker: Serge Nubret Seminar Pt. 2 (Download)

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Serge Nubret posing on the beach in Sydney, and in the studio – audio seminar in Adelaide. The second part of the video is a special feature starring Australia’s Mr Universe winner, ROGER WALKER.



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Serge Nubret was known as the Black Prince of Paris. He was Mr Europe, Mr World, Mr Universe and 2nd to Arnold in the 1975 Mr Olympia. (In the Olympia he placed second twice and third twice.) Truly one of the all-time legends of bodybuilding.

The video opens with Serge posing on the beach in Sydney, Australia and also in the studio. This segment was shot by the famous lensman Robert Nailon. Some awe-inspiring full body and close-up shots of him in pumping and posing action – at his peak.

The GMV recorded soundtrack to Nubret’s posing segment is the final part of the Nubret Seminar given in Adelaide, South Australia.

Serge’s Contest History is listed below.


Photo Gallery

The second part of the video is a special feature starring one of Australia’s greatest ever bodybuilders – Mr Universe winner, ROGER WALKER. Roger is well remembered for his fantastic 6th place finish behind Arnold in the 1980 Mr Olympia at the Sydney Opera House, as well as his third place finish in the heavyweight class of the 1979 Mr. Olympia.  Our footage was shot in the studio and gym, first in posing trunks – then oiling, pumping up and training in a tank-top. Roger’s great muscularity is particularly evident as he trains his chest, back and shoulders.

Roger is at his peak and weighs in at 225 lbs (102 Kg) ripped with 20” arms and a 53” chest.

On March 22nd, 2015, Roger received a VIP Guest Award from Graeme Lancefield on behalf of NABBA/WFF Australia for his outstanding record and his services to Australian bodybuilding.

The Walker section runs approximately 30 minutes.

Roger Walker Contest History

1972:  NABBA Mr Britain, 3rd

1973:  Mr Australia, Winner

IFBB Mr Southern Hemisphere (Melbourne), Winner
IFBB Universe, Tall, 4th

IFBB Asian Amateur Championships, Tall, 1st
IFBB Asian Amateur Championships, Overall Winner
Mr Australia, Overall Winner
IFBB Universe, Tall, 2nd

1976:  IFBB Universe, HeavyWeight, 1st

1977:  IFBB Olympia, HeavyWeight, 4th

1978:  IFBB Olympia, HeavyWeight, 5th

1979:  IFBB Olympia, HeavyWeight, 3rd

1980:  IFBB Olympia, 6th

Mr. Olympia, 10th
Pro Universe IFBB – 2nd
IFBB World Pro Championships, 2nd

1982:  IFBB Olympia – IFBB, 16th


Serge Nubret Contest History

1963:  NABBA Universe – Pro, Tall, 2nd

1964:  NABBA Universe – Pro, Tall, 2nd

NABBA Universe – Pro, Tall, 3rd
IFBB Mr World, Tall, 2nd

1970:  IFBB Mr Europe, Tall, 1st

1972:  IFBB Olympia, 3rd

1973:  IFBB Olympia, 2nd

1974:  IFBB Olympia, HeavyWeight, 3rd

IFBB Olympia, HeavyWeight, 2nd

WBBG Olympus, 2nd
NABBA Universe – Pro, Tall, 1st
NABBA Universe – Pro, Winner

WBBG Olympus, Winner
NABBA Universe – Pro, 2nd
WBBG Pro Mr World, Winner

1978:  NABBA Universe – Pro, 2nd

1981:  WABBA Pro World Cup, 2nd

1983:  WABBA World Championships, Professional, 1st