1971 & 1973 AAU Mr America (DVD)

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V-107-DVD  Open Region DVD  Sample Clip
Duration:  60 mins

This Classic American contest DVD includes winners Casey Viator 1971 & Jim Morris 1973, plus guest posing segments by Steve Michalik and Franco Columbu. Highlights shown are from both AAU contests, and includes most of the top guys.


This Classic American contest DVD includes winners Casey Viator 1971 & Jim Morris 1973, plus guest posing segments by Steve Michalik and Franco Columbu. Highlights shown are from both AAU contests, and includes most of the top guys. Front cover photo of Casey Viator taken by Wayne Gallasch in Florida, 1978. For Casey Viator fans, our historic footage shows him winning both the 1971 Jr. Mr. America and the Sr. Mr. America contests at the age of 19! Such maturity is unbelievable. Our teen champions of today, 2009, can hardly compare to the muscle maturity shown by Casey back in 1971. Casey may have been brash but nobody could get close to him – physique wise, as he beat them all. CASEY VIATOR PHOTO GALLERY ANIBAL LOPEZ GALLERY From the first contest we spotted the following stars: ANIBAL LOPEZ, JIM HANDLEY, RALPH KROGER, CHARLES AMATO, KENT KEUHN, FRED SHANDOR, SAM STAMOULIS, BILL ST. JOHN, PETE GRYMKOWSKI, RON NEFF, ANTHONY PACE, DON ROSS, ROBERT McNEIL, MIKE DAYTON, BILL GRANT, JOE TETE, ED CORNEY, BOB GALLUCCI, CURT HAYWOOD, MIKE MENTZER, CARL SMITH and many more. A number of these Mr. America competitors went on to win major events, with some of them becoming top IFBB professionals. From the 1973 contest where you see a victorious JIM MORRIS, other stars shown include PETE GRYMKOWSKI, ANIBAL LOPEZ, PAUL HILL and WILLIE JOHNSON. The STEVE MICHALIK guest posing is from 1973 and the FRANCO COLUMBU posing is from 1974. 1971 AAU Mr America – Results 1   Casey Viator 2   Pete Grymkowski 3   Bill St John 4   Ed Corney 5   Carl Smith 6   Anibal Lopez 7   Charles Amato 8   Joe Tete 9   Bob Gallucci 10   Mike Mentzer 11   Michael Dayton 13   Curtis Haywood 14   Ken Covington 15   Kent Kuehn 16   James Handley 17   Joe Dodd 18   Fred Shandor 19   Ron Neff 20   Anthony Pace 21   Bob Birdsong 22   Don Ross 23   Douglas Beaver 24   Ron Gibson 25   Bill Ashpaugh 26   Robert McNeill 27   Thomas Willert 28   Spyros Loukas 29   Sam Stamoulis 30   Ron Thompson 31   Tom Campanaro 32   Tommy Johnson 33   Thomas Crawford Most Muscular 1   Casey Viator 2   Michael Dayton 3   Bill St John 4   Anthony Pace 5   Pete Grymkowski 1973 AAU Mr America – Results 1   Jim Morris 2   Pete Grymkowski 3   Anibal Lopez 4   Paul Hill 5   Willie Johnson 6   Fred Shandor 7   Tyrone Youngs 8   Douglas Beaver 9   Joseph Sasso 10   Bill Seno 11   Nathan LeBlanc 12   Mike Besikof 13   James Handley 14   Patrick Ruelle 15   Danny Padilla 16   Ned Drew 17   Gene Massey 18   Floyd Odom 19   Dick Hathaway 20   Charles Loesch 21   Ken DiAngelo 22   Paul Santos 23   Neil Hastey 24   Greg Long 25   Robert Holden 26   George Rumas 27   Herbert Bair 28   Robert McNeill 29   Edward Mayo 30   Dennis Harkai 31   Robert Lauda 32   Harold Bakkelund Most Muscular 1   Jim Morris 2   Pete Grymkowski 3   Willie Johnson