1973 NABBA Mr. Universe & 1980 Mr. Olympia Show (DVD)

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V-100-DVD  Open Region DVD Duration:  60 mins  Sample Clip

You will see BOYER COE, REG PARK, DENNIS TINERINO, ELIAS PETSAS, TONY EMMOTT, SJUR HALL etc. Sensational side-by-side posedown with BOYER COE and his nearest rivals.



This is the big one, the oldest, most widely respected Mr. Universe Contest, then in its 25th year in 1973. CHRIS DICKERSON and BOYER COE were the Amateur and Professional winners. You will see posing, line-ups, awards – all the highlights!

Amateur Classes:
Fantastic footage with CHRIS DICKERSON, SHIGERU SUGITA, IMLACH SHEARER, PETE CAPUTO, ROY PERROTT, ROY DUVAL, ROGELIO MONTENEGRO, TONY CAMILLERI, PAUL GRANT and others. A beautifully filmed, full colour record of this classic international event.

Professional Classes:
You will see BOYER COE, REG PARK, DENNIS TINERINO, ELIAS PETSAS, TONY EMMOTT, SJUR HALL etc. Sensational side-by-side posedown with BOYER COE and his nearest rivals. Professional Awards, Amateur Awards, and rare footage of the world’s richest man, J. PAUL GETTY, as he presents the Mr. Universe trophies! This was the last time we filmed REG PARK in the NABBA Universe.
On an interesting note, other trophy presenters that day included Bob Kennedy and Wayne Gallasch.

See BOYER COE and CHRIS DICKERSON at their all time peak as they make it an overall Universe double victory for USA! What was even more remarkable this year, the following men from this contest went on to be future Mr. Universe winners: BILL RICHARDSON, ROGELIO MONTENEGRO, IMLACH SHEARER, IAN LAWRENCE and TONY EMMOTT. By coincidence, Emmott and Duval both went on to compete in the 1980 Mr. Olympia, as did Chris Dickerson, Boyer Coe and Dennis Tinerino!

A fully illustrated in depth report of this contest was carried in Iron Man Magazine (Vol. 33 No.2). See full results below.


The second half of this classic DVD contains the balance of the 1980 Mr. Olympia show which was not included in our 1980 Mr. Olympia DVD.

Shot at the famous Sydney Opera House, the show commences with the Best Built Man in Australasia contest, won by JOHN TERILLI (a future Olympian), and also features in 2nd place GRAEME LANCEFIELD, who was also 2nd place 1984 IFBB Mr. Universe, and the first ever NABBA Masters Mr. Universe winner, in 1991. JOHN KOZIURA from Adelaide placed 3rd.

BILL PEARL introduces all the Mr. Olympia competitors as they line up on stage. See ARNOLD and MIKE MENTZER in their last contest appearance, plus comparisons between the top men and Arnold posing with his first place trophy.  Also includes world champion power lifter and 1991 2nd place Ms. Olympia bodybuilder BEV FRANCIS making her FIRST EVER guest posing appearance.  This is the first known footage of Bev (during which she also demonstrates her amazing strength by squatting approximately 450lbs) and it is all exclusive to GMV.

Next you will see posing by BILLY KNIGHT, the three times Mr. Australia champion. Concludes with the special farewell posing appearance of the one and only REG PARK – Mr. Universe. This is a tape of legends and will become a collector’s item.

See below for the complete 1980 Mr. Olympia results.

*** This classic DVD was shot on silent film and transferred to full colour video and then to DVD with background music added.

Photos: Terilli and Mentzer photos by Wayne Gallasch, copyright Wayne & GMV Productions. 1980 Olympia Arnold photos courtesy Robert Nailon.


Overall Amateur Winner: Chris Dickerson  USA

1   Paul Grant            Wales
2   Walter O’Malley  Ireland
3   Bill Richardson   England
4   Dudley Lawson  Jamaica
5   Tony Camilleri    Malta
6   Juan Carlos Alonzo  Argentina

 1   Roy Duval           England
2   Warren Frederick  USA
3   Rogelio Montenegro  Argentina
4   Imlach Shearer      Scotland
5   Ehrling Wahlgren   Sweden
6   Eddie McDonough  England

 1   Chris Dickerson    USA
2   Shigeru Sugita     Japan
3   Antonio Troyator   W. Germany
4   Gerald Roche       Jamaica
5   Libero Campi        Italy
6   Ian Lawrence         Scotland


Overall Winner: Boyer Coe  USA

1   Dennis Tinerino  USA
2   Reg Park             South Africa
3   Sjur Hall               Norway
4   Solly Grobler       South Africa

1   Boyer Coe          USA
2   Tony Emmott      England
3   Elias Petsas      South Africa
4   Fani Dutoit         South Africa


1  Arnold Schwarzenegger
2  Chris Dickerson
3  Frank Zane
4  Boyer Coe
5  Mike Mentzer
6  Roger Walker
7  Roy Callender
8  Dennis Tinerino
9  Tom Platz
10  Danny Padilla
11  Ed Corney
12  Tony Emmott
13  Roy Duval
14  Casey Viator
15  Samir Bannout
16  Ken Waller