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1979 Mr Olympia: 1980 IFBB Mr Universe (DVD)

AUD $29.95

V-127-DVD  Open Region DVD  Duration:  60 mins  Sample Clip

These 2 classic contests were shot on silent film and transferred to DVD with background music added.




This is rare film footage from the 1979 Mr. Olympia! You’ll see Mike Mentzer, Frank Zane, Al Beckles, Boyer Coe, Roger Walker, Chris Dickerson, Ed Corney, Robby Robinson and many more.  It is a little known fact that MIKE MENTZER won the Heavyweight Class, yet he never ever claimed the title of being a Mr Olympia – class winner. Class winners Zane and Mentzer are pictured front cover above.

This is Version #1 from the 1979 Mr. Olympia and runs 45 mins. We released a totally different, higher quality version shot by Joel Fletcher shortly. Joel’s footage from the 1979 Olympia only runs for 20 mins but there are other unseen Olympia years included with it. See Mr. Olympia The Golden Years.  Details in sidebar.


In the 1980 IFBB Mr. Universe held in Manila in the Philippines, see John Terilli, Hubert Metz, Jorma Raty, Gary Leonard, Richard Baldwin and many other champions. The DVD also shows some team posing and extremely brutal posedown action, plus presentations to some of the heavier classes.

This is the first known film record which features the fantastic arm display of class winner Jorma Raty of Finland. This 1980 segment runs for 15 mins.
These 2 classic contests were shot on silent film and transferred to DVD with background music added.


1979 Mr Olympia

Overall Winner: FRANK ZANE

HeavyWeight Class
1   Mike Mentzer USA
2   Dennis Tinerino USA
3   Roger Walker Australia
4   Roy Callender UK
5   Bob Birdsong USA

LightWeight Class
1   Frank Zane USA
2   Boyer Coe USA
3   Robby Robinson USA
4   Chris Dickerson USA
5   Danny Padilla USA
6   Carlos Rodriguez USA
7   Albert Beckles UK
8   Tom Platz USA
9   Ed Corney USA
10  Steve Davis USA

1980 World Amateur Championships – IFBB Mr Universe

HeavyWeight Class
1   Hubert Metz Germany
2   Reid Schindle Canada
3   Christian Janatsch Austria
4   Karl Kainrath Austria
5   Achmed Ibrahim Egypt
6   Gary Leonard USA

LightHeavyWeight Class
1   Johnny Fuller UK
2   Bronston Austin USA
3   Keijo Reiman Finland
4   Ulf Bengtsson Sweden
5   Erwin Note Belgium
6   John Terilli Australia

MiddleWeight Class
1   Jorma Raty Finland
2   Richard Baldwin USA
3   Richard Jonker Australia
4   Doug Ross USA
5   Robert Dantlinger Czech Rep
6   Michel Dermaux Switzerland

LightWeight Class
1   Heinz Sallmayer Austria
2   Ken Passariello USA
3   Ray Beaulieu Canada
4   Esmat Sadek Egypt
5   Harry Derglin
6   Steven Newton