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1987 SABBA Adelaide Physique Classic: Show (DVD)
1987 SABBA Adelaide Physique Classic: Show (DVD)

1987 SABBA Adelaide Physique Classic: Show (DVD)

AUD $29.95

GMV-013-DVD  Open Region DVD  Duration: 180 mins  

This is a Classic South Australian Contest from the ’80s featuring many famous South Australians, including Kim Knott, 2 times Natural Ms. Olympia.

Product Description

1987 SABBA Adelaide Physique Classic: The Show

This is a Classic South Australian Contest from the ’80s – Featuring Jeff Davies – the Men’s Open Winner, Mike Buder, Kim Tanska, Paul Anderton, Colin McLean, Steve Taylor, Roy Visser, Kim Knott, Julie Dunn and many, many more.

This contest is famous for a number of reasons. The first (and most important) is that it was the first bodybuilding contest that dual Natural Ms.Olympia winner Kim Knott ever competed in; and the second reason – it was the first bodybuilding contest that Tina ever attended!!

Irene Nickole was the star guest poser. This DVD presents the complete evening show.

Kim Knott won her class and went on to place 3rd in the Australia – Women’s Physique Class a few weeks later. Then on to the Universe!  Mike Buder and Steve Taylor in later years went on to represent South Australia at the NABBA Universe, as did Kim Knott in 1987 and 1988.

1987 SABBA Adelaide Physique Classic Results

Dom Polski Centre, Adelaide, South Australia
Guest Poser: Irene Nickole – NABBA Australian Champion

1. Roy Visser
2. Nenad Tadic
3. Kym Ogilvie
4. Jan Brustek

1. Peter Govorusik
2. Wayne Fazzalari – Also won Most Potential Award
3. Andrew Rutt
4. Kym Schultz

1. Mike Buder
2. Steve Taylor
3. Colin McLean
Rocco Comodiceani
Kim Tanska
Steven Radford
Michael Lee
Paul Hogandyke
Tony Leonardis
Andrew Sekay
Michael Grill
Jim Kaiwahia
Rohan Frahn
Lionel Krieger
Yuno Aris Olleson
Ron Jeschke
Ron Hall
Paul Anderton – Also won Best Poser Award

1. Paul Williamson
2. Leo Loe
3. Phil Peake
David Graham
William Goodie

1. Jeff Davies
2. Steve Taylor
3. Paul Hogandyke
Brian Zadow
Tony Leonardis

1. Kim Knott
2. Julie Dunn
3. Susan Karuana
Raylene Mayne
Ruth Bickell
Vicky Hill
Caroline Salter
Trish Kiplocks
Lou Matulic
Olivia Posnean
Vicky Robertson
Yvonne Gaertner
Christine McLaren
Tina Moyses
Lynn Kerr
Genevieve Thompson

1. Lynn Kerr
2. Sophie Hope-Johnston
3. Raylene Mayne

1. Kim Knott – Also won Women’s Best Presentation Award
2. Sandra Wilkinson
3. Susan Karuana
4. Vicki Hill