1990 NABBA Australia: Men – Show (DVD)

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GMV-124-DVD  Open Region DVD   Duration:  95 mins   Sample Clip

The big stars for 1990 Nationals included Bruce Leong, Sam Sole, Collin Hall, Les Rudolph, Kevin O’Grady and Sherif Derias


1990 NABBA Australia: Men – Show

The big stars for 1990 Nationals included Bruce Leong, Sam Sole, Collin Hall, Les Rudolph, Kevin O’Grady and Sherif Derias.

BRUCE LEONG (the Chinese Dominator from Darwin) again destroyed the field to win the overall title in the Men’s Open section of the 1990 NABBA Australian Nationals.  Bruce was in the best shape of his life – thick, hard and symmetrical.

The audience went wild when the blond bombshell from Queensland COLLIN HALL, again won the teen class. You will see all the male classes including Schoolboys.

SHERIF DERIAS also showed incredible potential as he won the Junior Class.

See all the contest action from the complete posing routines of every male competitor through to posedowns and awards.


Overall Winner: Bruce Leong – NT

1 James Plant
2 Elvis Kojcic
3 Omar Marzouk
4 Paul Goudie

1 Collin Hall
2 Jimmy Kabos
3 Michael Reid
4 Jamie Gordon
5 Wayne Mercieca
6 Nick Dingas

1 Sherif Derias
2 John Cicero
3 Robert Kremar
4 Caesar Cresci
5 Terry Pappas
6 Peter Bourtsouklis
7 Darren Garvey

1 Jeff Gibbings
2 Graeme Pearce
3 Don Mahoney
4 John Miller
5 Alan Dowsett
6 Graeme Ball

1 Sergio Desantis
2 Greg Chambers
3 Bart van der Molen
4 Sergio Demali
5 Mark Visser
6 Roy Visser
7 Steve McMurray
8 Daryl Gill

Men’s Class 3 Short:
1 Bruce Leong
2 Derek Immervoll
3 Cameron Rees
4 Quin Lay
5 Vince Volpe
6 K.O. Ramirez
7 Bill Salter
8 Jackie Kirk

Men’s Class 2 Medium:
1 Sam Sole
2 Larry Hook
3 Glen Purtell
4 Barry Whitnell
5 Michael Buder
6 Mark Fawdry
7 Clem Ziegeler
8 Geoff Boulter

Men’s Class 1 Tall:
1 Les Rudolf
2 Kevin O’Grady
3 Brendon Cahill
4 Nick Rigas
5 Tony Struck
6 Steven Adioski
7 Bill Angelopoulos