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2002 WFF Universe: Men # 3 (DVD)

AUD $29.95

GMV-482  Digital Download  Duration:  129 mins  Sample Clip

2002 WFF Universe: The Men – Tape # 3 Held in Goettingen, Germany, this huge event featuring 300 competitors (men & women) has been divided into 3 DVDs for the men – the DVD covers the classes listed.


2002 WFF Universe:  The Men – Tape # 3

Held in Goettingen, Germany, this huge event featuring 300 competitors (men & women) has been divided into 3 DVDs for the men – the DVD covers the classes listed below.

The DVD includes the complete 3 rounds for every class – lineup, posing performance routine, and all comparisons. This is followed by the Awards for each class including the overall posedown and awards.

This DVD covers the complete contest for these classes only as listed above. See the other 2 DVDs for the remaining Men’s Classes. Separate DVDs for the women.


Sven Franz – Germany:  Men’s Performance:
Vassili Delis – Greece: Men’s Performance Over 30 & Overall Champion:
Dietmar Haubold – Germany  Men’s Performance Over 40:
Alain Coniglio – France  Men’s Athletic
Aliaksandr Kazlov – Belarus:  Men’s Athletic Over 30 & Overall Champion:
Thomas Bachert – Germany:  Men’s Athletic Over 40


Men’s Performance  
1 Sven Franz Germany
2 Anthony Graham Australia
3 Thomas Wenzl Austria
4 Balislau Bukharau Belarus
5 Michael Schmidt Germany

Men’s Performance Over 30
1 Vassili Delis (Overall winner) Greece
2 Patrick Heisel Germany
3 Frank Heumer Germany
4 Sven Decker Austria
5 Francois Moutel France
6 Stefan Wiedemann Germany
7 Stephan Plana France
8 Fabian Burkhard Germany
Andreas Filz Germany
Edgars Zebegs Latvia
Uwe Daut Germany
Patrice Mangin France
Marko Terasmaa Estonia
Sven Gromoll Germany
Dietmar Waclaw Germany

Men’s Performance Over 40  
1 Dietmar Haubold Germany
2 Dietmar Schlossmacher Germany
3 Andreas Hemmann Germany
4 Rainer Eckert Germany
5 Siegfried Niklasch Germany
6 Neil McCluskey Scotland
7 Wolfgang Iben Germany

Men’s Athletic 
1 Alain Coniglio France
2 Peter Hager Austria
3 Bobby Moaeri Iran
4 Tarmo Tiits Estonia
5 Michael Metz Germany
6 Christian Neuhofer Austria

Men’s Athletic Over 30  
1 Aliaksandr Kazlov (Overall winner) Belarus
2 Christian Castellina France
3 Andreas Wilms Germany
4 Andre Jentzsch Germany
5 Hanno Schupp Australia
6 Andreas Trienbacher Germany
7 Aldo Negretti Italy
8 Ole Jensen Denmark
Jordi Rieger Germany
Christophe Ducos France
Andrey Bilanov Russia
Thomas Biesterfeld Germany
Sam Cullingworth Scotland
Christophe Manuguera France
Frank Fuhrmann Germany

Men’s Athletic Over 40
1 Thomas Bachert Germany
2 Mike Mitchell Scotland