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2002 WFF Universe: Men # 2 (DVD)

AUD $29.95

GMV-481-DVD  Open Region DVD   Duration:  Sample Clip

This huge event has been divided into 3 DVDs for the men – this DVD covers the FITNESS classes  plus PAIRS FITNESS. The DVD includes the complete 3 rounds for every class – lineup, posing performance routine and all comparisons.



Held in Goettingen, Germany, this huge event featuring 300 competitors (men & women) has been divided into 3 DVDs for the men – this DVD covers the FITNESS classes listed below, plus PAIRS FITNESS. The WFF Universe is one of the world’s top amateur international events.

The DVD includes the complete 3 rounds for every class – lineup, posing performance routine and all comparisons.

This is followed by the Awards for each class including the overall posedown and awards.
This DVD covers the complete contest for these classes only.


Men’s Open Fitness & Overall Champion: Jürgen Guem – Austria
Over 30: Fitness  Stefan Westphal – Germany
Over 40: Fitness  Bernd Hecker – Germany
Pairs Fitness: Monica Wright & Matt Thom – Australia

Results in this video

 Men’s Fitness 
1 Jürgen Guem (Overall Winner) Austria
2 Bernd Oesterle Austria
3 Giuseppe Scala Austria
4 Vladimir Maslenkine Russia
5 Helmut Seifert Germany
6 Tanel Idil Germany
7 Ronny Lang Germany
8 Patrick Spallino Germany
Alexandar Sretenovic Austria
Freddy Gaal Holland
Andreas Rybant Germany
Aretas Kolmakovas Lithuania
Yorick Bakker Holland

Men’s Fitness Over 30
1 Stefan Westphal Germany
2 Andrea Oliban Italy
3 Frank Gruneberg Germany
4 Knud Madsen Denmark
5 Thomas Maurer Switzerland
6 Frederico Dallora Italy
7 Gintaras Martinkenas Lithuania
8 Gunter Frenz Germany
Olaf Zill Germany
Martin Hesse Germany

Men’s Fitness Over 40
1 Bernd Hecker Germany
2 Ralf Patrik Amon Germany
3 Peter Dauth Germany
4 Claude Fruit France
5 Ugo Giulianati Italy
6 Jurgen Weber Germany
7 Oleg Troukhanov Russia
8 Lutz Hopfe Germany

Pairs – Fitness  

1 Monica Wright/Matt Thom Australia
2 Jolanda Beuving/Yorick Bakker Holland
3 Celine & Christophe Manuguera France
4 Bettina Muller/Sven Franz Germany
5 Chantelle Tanke/Freddy Gaal Holland
6 Maryna Bukharava/Balislau Bukharau Belarus
7 Sandra Tilke/Frank Fuhrmann Germany
8 Inna & Marko Terasmaa Estonia