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2004 Australian Grand Prix Pump Room & Seminar
2004 Australian Grand Prix Pump Room & Seminar

2004 IFBB Australian Grand Prix Pump Room (DVD)

AUD $24.95

GMV-568-DVD  Open Region DVD  Duration:  65 mins  Sample Clip

Includes pump room action from all the big stars: Stan McCrary, King Kamali, Johnnie Jackson, Craig Titus, Luke Wood, Dexter Jackson, Chris Cormier, Marcus Rühl, Charles Duca, Jaroslav Horvath, Mike Kypreos and Ronny Rockel

Product Description


Includes pump room action from the following stars:

Craig Titus
King Kamali
Johnnie Jackson
Luke Wood
Dexter Jackson
Chris Cormier
Marcus Rühl
Charles Duca
Jaroslav Horvath
Mike Kypreos
Ronny Rockel
Stan McCrary

See the seminar with the following stars:

Marcus Rühl
Craig Titus
Dexter Jackson
Johnnie Jackson
Chris Cormier
Stan McCrary
Wayne DeMilia as MC

The Aussie GP Complete Results.
1. Dexter Jackson
2. Chris Cormier
3. Markus Rühl
4. Jaroslav Horvath
5. King Kamali
6. Craig Titus
7. Ronny Rockel
8. Johnnie Jackson
9. Mike Kypreos
10. Charles Duca
11. Luke Wood
12. Mark Lampard
13. Thomas Stellander
14. Justin Rhys
15. Stan McCrary