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2005 NABBA Mr. Universe: Show (DVD)

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GMV-623-DVD  Open Region DVD  Duration:  93 mins

The exciting pose-down between the 4 amateur height class winners for overall Amateur Mr. Universe saw a stunning victory for Brazil’s own champion CHARLES MARIO.


2005 NABBA Mr. Universe – Show

The 2005 NABBA Universe saw a record number of competitors fighting for the titles of Overall Amateur Mr Universe and Pro-Am Mr Universe.  Because the quality is so high, we have included every exciting moment from the evening show.

You will see the complete posing routines of all top 6 placegetters in each class, plus posedowns for Amateur Mr Universe, the Pro-Am and all awards.  The Professionals were incorporated into the Pro-Am contest and judged entirely at the evening show.

The exciting pose-down between the 4 amateur height class winners for overall Amateur Mr. Universe saw a stunning victory for Brazilian champion CHARLES MARIO.  SERGEI OGORODNIKOV of Russia made it a double by winning the Pro-Am after winning Overall Amateur Mr Universe in 2000.

Photos by Lou Messina and Scott Monroe.

Wayne Gallasch’s 2005 NABBA Universe report.

Men’s Results:


1 Marvin Nagelbloem Holland
2 Jarred Gradwell  South Africa
3 Andrew Hudson  South Africa
4 Damien Cloete   South Arrica
5 Mateus Correia  Brazil
6 Robert Lloyd   UK
Also competed:
Anton Micallef
Michael Kennedy
Joseph Boyd
Emo Eshiett
Nicholas Toppin
Jonathan Debono
Andrew Howarth
Octavio Perez

Masters Over 40

1 Joao Bispo De Andrade Brazil
2 Norton Murayama Brazil
3 Gilberto Feitosa  Brazil
4 Terry Fisher  UK
5 Dirk Weber Germany
6 Graham Park  UK
Also competed:
Mick McKay
John Lee
Shane Bagnall
Ben Rodriguez
Bill Elsden
Thierry Bidault
Hugh Ross
Werner Hoh
Jose Palomino
Nigel Cox
Alex Stoknov
Mikhail Pechenkin
Scott Ramdhani

Masters Over 50

1 Dimitri Dokour Israel
2 John Citrone UK
3 Rafael Vera  Spain
4 Earl Maduro Holland
5 Bernie Cooper  UK
6 Francisco Rios Mexico
Also competed:
Ron King
Patrick Collard
Peter Rothermel
Ian Blackwell
Kenneth Killbeck
Bob Robinson
Steven Culshaw
Renato Somenzi

Mr. Class 4

1 Charles Mario Brazil
2 Marilandio Ponchet Brazil
3 Simone Meiattini  Italy
4 Paul Sutton  UK
5 Paulo Lima Brazil
6 Jason Corrick UK
Also competed:
Steven Lloyd
Tommy Staunton
Yalchin Mammedov
Simon Horsell
Jimmy Lemassif
Emin Aliyev
Carlos Munoz

Mr. Class 3

1 Khalid Almohsinawi Holland
2 Phil Carlon UK
3 Roy Pattison  UK
4 Billy Bourne Rep of Ireland
5 Tony Mount  UK
6 Mehmet Yldrim  France
Also competed:
Patrick Croonen
Bruce McCall
Vitaly Snishchuk
Nicolas Loumi
Omar Musa
Raul Munoz
Hermanis Plisko
Pierre Mifsud
Christian Klee
Tony Brown
Vitaly Lebedenko
John Leslie

Mr. Class 2

1 Yan Salaks Russia
2 Jose Manuel Acosta  Spain
3 Domenic Scheda  Malta
4 Luke Nichols  UK
5 Shehab Eldin Aly  Holland
6 Philippe Foussard  France
Also competed:
Jason Read
John Bridge
Geoff Nutt
Miguel de Nova Soto
Zak Pallikaros
Leo Abraham
Joseph Camilleri
Adam Fennell
Oscar Daniel Gonzalez
Richard Rosales

Mr. Class 1

1 Hedwig Parden  Holland
2 Neven Corak  Croatia
3 Alexei Netesanov  Russia
4 Stephane Machovic  France
5 Ian Simpson  UK
6 Russel Freakly  UK
Also competed:
Ktistauis Stylo
Sergei Ivanov
Jari Mustonen
Jaylee Coetzee
Sean Allen
Neil Rushden
Chris Wall
Neil Brown
Evgeny Petrov
Dave Titterton


1 Sergei Ogorodnikov Russia
2 Gary Lister  UK
3 Peter Elvis Brown UK
4 Boris Kleine  Germany
5 Sergei Dukhota Ukraine
6 Dayo Audi UK
7 Charles Mario Brazil

Amateur Mr. Universe: Charles Mario, Brazil
Pro-Am Mr Universe: Sergei Ogorodnikov, Russia