Battle for the Olympia 2000 (DVD)

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A-1234-DVD  Open Region DVD  Duration:  118 mins  Sample Clip

Spectacular live muscle action featuring the top professional IFBB Bodybuilders for 2000, including Ronnie Coleman, Dennis James and Flex Wheeler.


2000 Battle for the Olympia

Spectacular live muscle action featuring the top professional IFBB Bodybuilders:

•  Dexter Jackson : chest;
•  Kevin Levrone : shoulders;
•  Orville Burke : shoulders & back;
•  Shawn Ray : back;
•  Lee Priest : chest;
•  Flex Wheeler : arms & shoulders, no posing;
•  Dennis James : chest ;
•  Jay Cutler : back;
•  Oleg Zhur : shoulders;
•  Gunter Schlierkamp : shoulders;
•  Ronnie Coleman : back

Also include backstage actions and photo session footage. (James, Schlierkamp, Levrone, Coleman, Zhur, Burke.)

All contents are the same as the original VHS video.

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1st Ronnie Coleman
2nd Kevin Levrone
3rd Flex Wheeler
4th Shawn Ray
5th Nasser El Sonbaty
6th Lee Priest
7th Markus Rühl
8th Jay Cutler
9th Dexter Jackson
10th Orville Burke
11th Dennis James
12th Günter Schlierkamp
13th Oleg Zhur