Callard, Pandolfo, Sable and Tarleton (DVD)

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V-130-DVD  Open Region DVD    Duration:  60 mins  Sample Clip

ROGER CALLARD was filmed at the legendary ‘Muscle Rocks’,  TONY PANDOLFO from NYC in a super out-door session of pumping and posing at Vasquez Rocks; Plus Californian legends MIKE SABLE and JIM TARLETON.



“This classic feature from the late 70s-early 80s is now on DVD.”

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Roger Callard
Tony Pandolfo
Mike Sable
Jim Tarleton

ROGER CALLARD was filmed in 1977, at the legendary “Muscle Rocks”, high in California’s Malibu Mountains.  The week before, Roger had just won his class in the IFBB American Bodybuilding Championships. In this video he weighs around 205 lbs (93 Kg) at 5’9″ (175 cms) tall and 27 years of age — and with the deepest natural tan we’ve ever seen.

There was a wonderful article on Roger in the December 2007 issue of Iron Man Magazine. In it he was asked what was the high point of his competitive career. His reply was the 1977 Mr America Bodybuilding Championships. This film was shot immediately after this event!

Roger’s motion picture career includes appearances in Sextette, Pumping Iron, Stay Hungry, World’s Strongest Man and other films, as well as many TV and magazine ads world wide!! Here you’ll see Roger in his professional, classical posing display – and – pumping with plenty of closeups. He was also a good friend of Arnold Schwarzenegger and some time training partner.

Roger also appears in PUMPING IRON

Jim Tarleton


In addition, there is TONY PANDOLFO from NYC in a super out-door session of pumping and posing at Vasquez Rocks.
Very macho muscle with fantastic closeup muscle shots!
This was shot on the day after Tony won the short class at the 1977 AAU Mr. USA. He was shredded and as hard as the rocks that surrounded us. Sadly Tony passed away on April 2nd, 2011.  This segment of our DVD is a fitting memory of Tony at his bodybuilding peak.

Plus Californian legends MIKE SABLE and JIM TARLETON, filmed on the Venice beach in sunny California in the late summer of 1980.

 Jim TARLETON poses as he wins the 1980 Mr Surf Festival
This was filmed on Labour Day, 1st September, 1980 and was my last contest shot on Super 8 film at Venice Beach.
Jim is pictured left and also in his own Photo Gallery – see Gallery link above.

Digitally remastered to DVD with a music soundtrack added.

All Photos by Wayne Gallasch. All rights reserved. Copyright Wayne & GMV.