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Lutz Wilke: Mr. Universe Workout (DVD)

AUD $29.95

GMV-255-DVD  Open Region DVD  Duration:  75 mins  Sample Clip

Workout – Posing – Contest Triumphs – Interview


Lutz Wilke: Mr. Universe Workout

Workout – Posing – Contest Triumphs – Interview

Lutz Wilke, Mr. Universe & Mr. World, is one of Germany’s newest IFBB Professionals. Lutz is popular for his guest posing throughout Europe, and a highlight of the DVD is Lutz’ guest posing routine complete with motorbike!

We see a Brutal workout in the gym, plus posing, pumping and interviews at FIBO, as well as contest triumphs.

The DVD ends with his first Professional contest appearance outside of Germany – the 1996 IFBB English Grand Prix. We predicted a bright future for Germany’s newest IFBB Professional bodybuilder.

Lutz Wilke Contest  History

NABBA World Championships, Medium-Tall, 3rd

NABBA Mr Universe, Medium-Tall, 3rd

NABBA Mr Universe, Tall, 1st

English Grand Prix , 13th
German Grand Prix , 12th
Swiss Grand Prix  11th