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2016 INBA Adelaide Classic Figure Women Download

2016 INBA Adelaide Classic: Figure Women (Download)

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GMV-922B  Digital Download  Duration:  79 mins  Sample Preview

It was an outstanding competition, enjoyed superb lighting, and the overall standard was amazing.  A beautifully proportioned SARA PEARSON was the Overall Women’s Figure Class Champion.

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2016 INBA Adelaide Classic

Natural Bodybuilding & Figure Titles.
Norwood Concert Hall, Norwood, S.A.  April 30th-May 1st, 2016

It was a wonderful competition, which enjoyed superb lighting, and once again the overall standard was amazing.

A beautifully proportioned SARA PEARSON was the Overall Women’s Figure Class Champion.


See every round of competition through to the final posedowns and awards. Includes all routines from the Posing Rounds.

The Major Sponsors were MAX’S and Australian Muscle.

Class Winners: 2016 INBA Adelaide Classic

Men’s Bodybuilding First Timers: James Zhou
Teenage: Cameron Sayner
Novice/Teenage: James Zhou
40+ Master: Darryn Peter
50+ Master: Paul Anderton
60+ Master: Colin Campbell
Under 72kg: Lincoln Chen
72.1 – 77Kg: Nobu Fukuda
Open: Nobu Fukuda

First Timers: Jade Brogmus
Novice: Sarah Tiller
Master 40+: Belinda Killey
Master 50+: Sharon Nokelainen
Figure International Open: Sara Pearson
Ms. Figure Open: Sara Pearson

Overall Male Winner: Nobu Fukuda
Overall Figure Winner: Sara Pearson

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2016 INBA Adelaide Classic Results

Norwood Concert Hall, Norwood, S.A.  Day 1 – April 30, 2016

Men’s Bodybuilding First Timers
1. James Zhou
2. Mark Proctor
3. Zac Lennon
4. Tom Princiotto
5. Darryn Peter
6. Steve Penney
6. Craig Marshall
6. Cameron Sayner
6. Dante Bonner
6. Paul Katranis
6. Andrew Osborn
6. Andrew Cusack

1. Cameron Sayner

Men’s Novice/Teenage
1. James Zhou
2. Mark Proctor
3. Tom Princiotto
4. Steve Penney
5. Craig Marshall
6. Cameron Sayner

Men’s Master 40+
1. Darryn Peter
2. Andrew Cusack

Men’s Master 50+
1. Paul Anderton
2. Craig Marshall

Men’s Master 60+
1. Colin Campbell

Men’s Under 72kg
1. Lincoln Chen
2. Paul Anderton
3. Zac Lennon
4. Daniel Turner
5. Len Wu

Men’s 72.1 – 77Kg
1. Nobu Fukuda
2. Jason Brandt
3. Dante Bonner
4. Darryn Peter

Men’s Open
1. Nobu Fukuda
2. Samuel Mussared
3. Ricky McAuley
4. Lincoln Chen
5. Paul Anderton
6. Jason Brandt

Ms Figure First Timers
1. Jade Brogmus
2. Wendy Broekx
3. Bianca Cimmino
4. Kristy Meaker
5. Kylie Vincent
6. Sharon Nokelainen
6. Sonya Carbone

Ms. Figure Novice
1. Sarah Tiller
2. Jade Brogmus
3. Belinda Killey
4. Wendy Broekx
5. Donna Kent
6. Sharon Nokelainen
6. Bianca Cimmino
6. Kristy Meaker
6. Kylie Vincent
6. Sonya Carbone

Ms. Figure Master 40+
1. Belinda Killey
2. Wendy Broekx
3. Theresa Parks

Ms. Figure Master 50+
1. Sharon Nokelainen

Figure International Open
1. Sara Pearson
2. Sarah Tiller
3. Kristy Meaker
4. Bianca Cimmino
5. Nadia De Bellis
6. Donna Kent
6. Kylie Vincent

Ms. Figure Open
1. Sara Pearson
2. Sarah Tiller
3. Jade Brogmus
4. Nadia De Bellis
5. Donna Kent
6. Theresa Parks



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