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2017 Arnold Amateur Men’s Bodybuilding (Video File)

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Melbourne, VIC.   March 17 – 19, 2017

The Men’s video files presents all of the Bodybuilding Classes, Men’s Physique and Arnold Male Models of the 2017 ARNOLD AUSTRALIA MEN’S AMATEUR.
See all of the lineups, posing, key comparisons, callouts and all awards, plus the OVERALL AWARDS presented by Arnold, and the awarding of Pro Cards.

For the first time, you can purchase any class of your choice, and have the edited Video File sent to you by a free video transfer service.  A Video File includes the complete class through to the awards.  If you are a competitor, and a class winner in an overall posedown, this will be included in your file.

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Photography: Gary Phillips Photography & Darren Burns.

MEN’S  BODYBUILDING OVERALL: Nathan Williamson – Australia (Pro Card)

Photos: Gary Phillips Photography, Darren Burns & the Arnold Classic Photography team.

Class Winners:

JUNIOR BODYBUILDING: Omar Moussa – Australia
MEN’S MASTERS BODYBUILDING 40-49 YEARS: Paul Jayilian – Australia
CLASSIC BODYBUILDING UP TO 171 CM: Laurence Walker – Australia
CLASSIC BODYBUILDING UP TO 180 CM: Ahmed el Zayat – Australia
CLASSIC BODYBUILDING OVER 180 CM: Rajiv Chuckowree – Australia
MEN’S BODYBUILDING UP TO 70kg: Peter Hartwig – Australia
MEN’S BODYBUILDING UP TO 90kg: Mansour Alnaser – Kuwait
MEN’S BODYBUILDING UP TO 100kg: Firas Jirjees – Australia
MEN’S BODYBUILDING OVER 100kg: Nathan Williamson – Australia
MEN’S  BODYBUILDING OVERALL: Nathan Williamson – Australia

2017 Arnold Amateur Australia – The Men’s Complete Results

March 17-19, 2017   Melbourne, VIC.

Men’s Bodybuilding Juniors
1. Omar Moussa  Australia
2. Andreas Ruggieri Australia
3. Luke Triani  Australia
4. David Griffin  Australia
5. Steve March  Australia
6. Josh Silovs  Australia
7. David Dauncey  Australia
8. Jeffrey Qiu  Australia
9. Jackson Jordan  Australia
10. Maxwell Susac  Australia
Connor Thompson  Australia
Laurence Maucri  Australia
Eric Zahra  Australia
Maxwell Susac  Australia
Mishal Aljarboa  Saudi Arabia
Div Lack   Australia
Ethan Gohainasab  Australia
Bradley Jones  Australia
Scott Kilby  Australia

Men’s Bodybuilding Novice
1. Jasim Al-Ali   United Arab Emirates
2. Datu Ibardolaza   Australia
3. Benjamin O’Brien Australia
4. Dylan Roe   Australia
5. Sean Sydall   Australia
6. Samuel Gardiner  Australia
7. Nick Velevski  Australia
8. Aron Marsh  Australia
9. Amir Shiva  Australia
10. Kwang Seok Lee Australia
Avni Tumay   Australia
Chaice Paterson   Australia
Harry Toumbos   Australia
Rhys Ferszt   Australia
Shadrach Coake   Australia
Mike Hulusi   Australia
Daniel Barnard   Australia
Nick Vella     Australia
Nate Hageman   Australia
Nathan Morris   Australia
Frank Huskisson   Australia
Michael Hammond   Australia
Abdul Jabbuv Alseloa Saudi Arabia

Men’s Masters 40-49 Years
1. Paul Jayilian   Australia
2. Steven Galluzzi   Australia
3. Andrei Todero   Australia
4. Toby Woolley   Australia
5. Harry Vlahos   Australia
6. Luke Morrissey   Australia
7. Robert Quatro   Australia
8. Mathew McLean   Australia
9. Chris Black   Australia
10. Alifeleti Peppard Tonga
Paul Ciantar  Australia
Steven Montebello  Australia
Terry Stables  Australia
Maarouf El Chanrui  Australia
Craig Halliday  Australia
Stacey Howard  Australia
Michael Cadogan  Australia
Sam Khaddour  Australia

Men’s Masters Over 50 Years
1. Mintxo Lasaosa Spain
2. Andi Condon Australia
3. David Mills Australia
4. Brad Clarke Australia
5. Antonio Rocca Australia
6. Steve Brown Australia
7. Eric McEntyre Australia
8. Quinn Scotty Australia
9. Bruce Jones Australia

Men’s Bodybuilding Open U/70 kgs
1. Peter Hartwig Australia
2. Ben Roberts Australia
3. Naser Alsainagi Kuwait
4. Robert Randall Australia
5. Josh Silovs Australia
6. Nathan Hollier Australia
7. David Williams Australia
8. Juan Ruiz Australia
9. Anthiny Rocca Australia
10. Gill Laconsay Australia
11. Tommy-Lee McGrath Australia

Men’s Bodybuilding Open U/80 kgs
1. Jasim Al-Ali     United Arab Emirates
2. Paul Vu     Australia
3. Mohammad Alrskhed Australia
4. Stan Threk     Australia
5. Anthony Novak     Australia
6. Mathew Manjiviona Australia
7. Aleks Petkovic     Australia
8. Mijail Barak     Australia
9. Omar Alkandari     Kuwait
10. Nick Velevsici     Australia
Sam Khaddour Australia
Rob Ronke Australia
Sanjeen Narayan New Zealand
Kane Sonnett Australia
Aleks Petkovic Australia
Mathew Manjiviona Australia
Paul Jayilian Australia

Men’s Bodybuilding Open U/90 kgs
1. Mansour Alnaser  Kuwait
2. Piotr Borecki   Poland
3. Hasson Alhamad Saudi Arabia
4. Hassir Naser Almokaishi Saudi Arabia
5. Katsuaki Suzuki   Phillipines
6. Kornel Bohos  Hungary
7. Sultan Alnuanini  UAE
8. Ankur Sharma  India
9. Steven Galluzi  Australia
10. Ariel Dencio      Australia
Ebi Bastam Australia
Michael Hammond Australia
Mike Hulusi Australia
Abdul Jabbour Al Seba Saudi Arabia
Rory Ellis Australia
Thon Thoenng Australia
Jose Cupidan Australia
Bader Alzaquah Kuwait
Ali Muswi Kuwait
Wesley Newell Australia
Araka Tery Australia
Akram Bo Areesh Saudi Arabia
Datu Ibardlaza Australia
Janos Csuhai Australia

Men’s Bodybuilding Open U/100 kgs
1. Firas Jirjees    Australia
2. Yis Tahuiro    Columbia
3. Christian Caldwell  Australia
4. Adam Browner    Australia
5. Thomas Breckenridge Australia
6. Michael Appana    Australia
7. Kyriacol Georgiviu  Australia
8. Liam Nelson    Australia
9. Michael Cadogan  Australia
10. Zac Lorenz          Australia
Amir Shiv                  Australia
Chris Schmid    Australia
Chris Black              Australia
Kwang Seok Lee    Australia
Christopher Rogers    Australia
Mohammad Heidari   Iran

Men’s Bodybuilding Open Over 100 kgs
1. Nathan Williamson Australia (Overall Winner)
2. Bela Kathi    Hungary
3. Ross Moloney    Australia
4. Timonthy McKinnon Australia
5. Sidiqe Tarawallyq  Australia
6. Andrew Bell    United Arab Emirates
7. Benson Milgate    Australia
8. Leon Julius    Australia
9. Andrei Todero    Australia
10. Harry Vlahos    Australia
Sam Murphy    Australia
Craig Halliday    Australia
Rhys Ferset    Australia
Daryll Tomuli    Australia

Men’s Classic 1 Under 171 cm
1. Laurence Walker    Australia

Men’s Classic 2 Under 180 cm
1. Ahmed el Zayat      Australia
2. Rohan Untersteiner Australia
3. Jaafar Alqallaf          Kuwait
4. Brett Maguire          Australia
5. Zarsan Sya             Australia
6. Karhl Pickering        Australia
7. Kyal Parker             Australia
8. Ahamd Yousef         Australia
9. Rodney Mason        Australia
10. James Roach        Australia
11. Carreall Vincent     Australia
11. Ali H Razai            Australia
11. Shane Falconer     Australia

Men’s Classic 3 Over 180 cm
1. Rajiv Chuckowree   Australia
2. Blake Walker         Australia
3. David Fici              Australia
4. Drew Nielsen         Australia
5. Stephen Bryen      Australia
6. Neillson Gutiesllez Venezuela
7. Evan Berard           Australia
8. Rodney Dammash  Australia
9. Daniel Pepi            Australia

Men’s Physique Novice U/174 cm
1. Levon Simonian                 Australia
2. Memo Solar                      Australia
3. Dave Ilewellyn                    Australia
4. Mohammed Almohandes    Saudi Arabia
5. Ben Roberts                      Australia
6. Hadif Alsumaidi                  UAE
7. Ali Raza                            Australia
8. Eric Liao                            French Polynesia
9. Jesse Kelly                        Australia
10. Jubilee IIewellyn                Australia
Bradley Hahn               Australia
Jake Quigg                  Australia
Mohammed Alhobeel    Australia
Blaire Tahitahi              Australia
Craig Laidley                Australia
Raymond Leishman      Australia
Paul Sepulveda            Australia
Adrian Cook                 Australia
Laurie Wills                  Australia
Jude D’Souza               Australia
Saud Boresli                 Kuwait

Men’s Physique Novice U/181 cm
1. Farah Inaya   Australia
2. Mathew Woodford  Australia
3. Fareed Reef Abubatch Australia
4. Jesse Wynyard   New Zealand
5. Ben Pei   Australia
6. Khaled Alrwaieh   Kuwait
7. Marvin Murphy   Australia
8. Ben Roberts   Australia
9. Ibby Khodl   Australia
10. Abdullah Alarfais  Saudi Arabia
11. Thomas Marxen  Australia
12. Adam Tari    Australia
13. Jonathan Link    Australia
14. Puma Kardash    Australia

Men’s Physique Novice Over 181 cm
1. Hadi Hussaini          Australia
2. Blake Danchisen      Australia
3. Sevan Simonian       Australia
4. Terry Moore             Australia
5. Adam Letter             Australia
6. Peter Ross Janes     Australia
7. Braden Foyle            Australia
8. Zachary McFarlane   Australia
9. James Arundell         Australia

Men’s Physique Open – U/174 cm
1. Turki Alsaud        Saudi Arabia
2. Patrick Tran         Australia
3. Peter Lupica        Australia
4. Memo Del Solar   Australia
5. Kenneth Koh        Australia
6. Jonathan Rodrigo  Australia
7. Savd Boresli         Kuwait
8. Jesse Kelly          Australia
9. Amir Tari              Australia
10. Tui Swann          Australia
Alvara Vielma            Australia
Kevin Nhan                Australia
Abdul Wanab Saeed  Kuwait
Jude D’Souza             Australia
Mohammed Alhobeel  Saudi Arabia
Mishal Alhassan          Saudi Arabia
James Piper                Australia
Romeo Benz               Australia
Paul Sepulveda            Australia
Dave Llewellyn             Australia
Nathan Lee                  Australia
Nasser Alattar              Kuwait
DeGuigne Jean-Pierre  Australia
Hadif Alsumaidi             United Arab Emirates
Shahram Ardalan          Australia
Al Mohandes Mohammed Saudi Arabia
Bruno Xeonofone              Australia
William Wong                  Australia
Blair Tahitahi                    Australia
Michael Roberts               Australia
Ali Raza                          Australia

Men’s Physique Open – U/181 cm
1. Florian Wolf Australia (Overall Winner)
2. Matthew Walsh Australia
3. Fabian Trujillo Australia
4. Matt Swann Australia
5. Fareed Reef Abukaker Australia
6. Jeremy Soh Australia
7. Stefan Babij Australia
8. Ahmed Alderazi Bahrain
9. Jak Nelson Australia
10. Mohammed Al Kindy Oman
Khaled Alrwaleh Kuwait
Ibby Khodr Australia
Abdullah Alarfaj Saudi Arabia
Ty Phillips Australia
Lachlan Peggie Australia
Daniel Curtis Australia
Jesse Owen Australia
Jonathan Link Australia
Foussard Audrelien French Polynesia
Jordan Begley Australia
Jonathon Jones Australia
Nicholas Main Australia
Joshua Ruggeri Australia
Marvin Murphy Australia
Clinton Tanga Australia
Beaulan McDonald Australia
Shaq Toyosi Australia
Ben Putland Australia
Hamad Al Shati Kuwait
Mathew Woodford Australia

Men’s Physique Open – Over 181 cm
1. Derek Kastelein  Australia
2. Josh Doherty  Australia
3. Matthew Dumigan  Australia
4. Paul Downie  Australia
5. Rigo Gasio  Australia
6. Zac Guild  Australia
7. Ty Faulkner  Australia
8. Roman Jurd  Australia
9. Luke Matias  Australia
10. John Peter Pipiglua Australia
Daniel Woods  Australia
Joshua Pillay  Australia
Alan Said Ramanda Qatar
Lichon Jordan  Tahiti
John Oosthuzien  Australia
Terry Moore  Australia
Michael Devine  Australia
Scott McCristal  Australia

2017 Arnold Model Search Australia: Male Results:
1. Isaac Lynch
2. Sohrab Hassani
3. Luke Bastian
Benjamin Henzgen
Anthony Zreikat
Sean Gregory
Marcus Turner
Panagis Garbis
Brad Newton
Sergio Orduz

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