Competition Day tips for better photos and video
by Wayne Gallasch.

With assistance by Danny D’mello, NABBA/WFF Australia Photographer, see below.

As the DVD producer this weekend for the 2016 WFF World Championships in Dublin, Ireland, here are my COMPETITION DAY TIPS for all competitors for Sunday.

Compulsory Poses and Comparisons

1. Always try to stand in the middle position :on the central X unless directed otherwise.
2. Hit the pose quickly and hold it when asked.
3. When doing the most muscular pose, don’t look down and shadow out your abs, and don’t be the first to quit and relax.
4. At all times look straight ahead at the judges, same as during your routine. Do not look down at the floor, or your legs, or be checking yourself out. Looking up looks positive and exudes confidence.
5. Keep your abs tensed at all times, especially for the bigger-heavier guys who can tend to let the abs pop out at times. The judges are still watching you, even when you are not being compared.

Posing Routines

1. Always head straight to the posing box or X on the stage at the center of the white line, and stand right on the this well marked spot. This is where the BEST LIGHT is and is THE place to pose, and perfect spot for the photographers to get their best pictures of you.
2. If you must start your routine from side stage, or a short distance from the X, move to the central position as fast as you can. For women doing fitness or aerobic type routines, do them along the axis of the white line, not in dull light at the rear of the stage.
3. Every contest I still see a few competitors posing at the back or far corners of the stage in bad light. It makes you look flat and bad to the judges and audience. And for the photographers.
4. When performing your posing routine, stand in the centre straight-on the central judge. It is best not to walk around posing to all corners of the stage as if you are doing a guest posing routine.
5. Know your posing routine backwards and keep it going, even if there happens to be a music CD or audio malfunction.
6. Ensure your face colour, or face tan or makeup matches the rest of your body tan. No white faces, which is the most common fault seen at all contests.
7. During the posedown, DO NOT stand right on the edge of the stage in the worst possible light. But you will have friends, as 95% of body builders make this error. The video camera stays on those in the best light and in the centre.

The Awards Ceremony

1. Usually it will start with a group shot of the top 5 or 6. After the victory group pose, hit a couple of poses of your choice. Also listen for any instructions from Graeme Lancefield or from the senior front of stage photographer.
2. Then the MC will call for Top 3 Only, and again hit several of your best poses, not just one shot and stand there.
3. Finally the MC will call for the winner on his or her own. This is your moment of glory, so give the photographers your 3 or 4 best poses with your trophy on the ground next to you. Maybe a final photo holding the trophy if there is time. Enjoy the moment.
4. Sometimes a major Overall Winner will be called to the mike to say a few words. Be prepared.

I have been in this sport for a long time, firstly as a competitor, personal trainer, as an International judge, and as a photographer and videographer.  Wishing you all good luck, and I hope these tips will help you get the best results on  competition day.

DVD pre-order forms will be available at Registration on Saturday for those who want a  permanent record of their performance.

Wayne Gallasch
GMV Productions

Here are Danny’s tips regarding your best possible presentation on stage:

Tips for the Day of Competition
by Danny D’mello. WFF Photographer

1. Please do a one minute ROUTINE. It really helps the judges and the photographers/videographer to capture more photos/video of you.
2. Make sure your MUSIC is working perfectly so you can BOUNCE to your own music on stage.
3. There is a Line on the stage with a CENTER point. That is the best spot for perfect lighting. If you decide to move, try to stay max 2 metres on either side. Any more and the light falls off your muscles and can be harsh in some spots. Pay close attention to how the light falls on each athlete on the stage on either side of you.
4. For some of you this is the first time stepping on the International stage, PLEASE ENJOY!!! At the same time control your nerves and look past the judges to avoid getting more nervous.

Enjoy the Experience

5. SMILE!!! VERY IMPORTANT!!! Whether you are a first timer or an experienced athlete, it’s nice to see that smile. Everyone loves it.
6. TAN!!! Shooting at such high image quality it’s very easy to notice missed spots on your tan. PLEASE check your TAN in good lighting for even condition before you step out on stage. A light coat of oil enhances everything but do not overdo it.
7. POSING. I’ve mentioned this before a lot. Please practice your posing and hit every POSE perfectly.
For eg. While doing the front double biceps, PLEASE keep those legs tensed all the time. It shows an OVERALL strong pose. That could mean 1 point difference over someone else.
8. TRANSITION between POSES!!! VERY IMPORTANT. Do it as smoothly as possible. It’s like Dancing….. Hold your poses for at least 2 to 3 secs so we can capture it
9. Please know your CATEGORY & TIME on stage, and LISTEN out for when your number and name gets called out. This will help the guys at the back run a smooth show for everyone.
10. GOOD LUCK to everyone competing on Sunday. May the BEST MAN & WOMAN Win.
This is my perspective ONLY, so everyone have a great experience on STAGE.