Copyright Information and Pricing Guidance

Individual photographic images that are copyright to GMV productions, or Wayne Gallasch, can be licensed for a fee for commercial use in advertising, websites, social media, YouTube, etc..

Personal use $300
Personal Trainer $500
Gymnasium or Sports/Fitness centre $1000
Sports or Supplement Shop $5000
Sports Brand or Supplement Brand Company $25,000
Bodybuilding & Fitness News – for online networks.  $750 per photo, plus crediting of photo by Wayne Gallasch, GMVBodybuilding


For breach of copyright, legal action will be taken by bringing a claim in court which could result in the unauthorised user having to go to court for a hearing.

Court cases can be expensive, as they often result in the user of the image or video paying the cost to use the copyright material, plus legal costs of themselves and the copyright owner and possibly other financial compensation for copyright infringement, which may amount to more than the cost of a licence to use the image or video.  Further, the user of the infringing copy could also be asked to take down and permanently remove all copies of the image or video from websites as well, unless permission from the copyright owner is secured.

Deliberate infringement of copyright on a commercial scale may also lead to a criminal prosecution.

Even in situations where people may think their copyright infringement will not be detected, they run the risk of being discovered and subsequently being pursued through the courts.