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GMV.COM.AU website new ordering procedure.

Since we changed servers a few weeks ago to a new state of the art server, our old order form can no longer accept and transmit SSL secure orders to us through the site. The change of servers meant that the new server’s modern technology could not interface with the old style technology of the order form.

We are placing this new “payment icon” for all orders next to the old order box on the top right of every page of the web site. Simply click on the link and it takes you to the same product page on the newer website where you can pay via SSL Visa, MC or PayPal. So in future, please place all orders through

Look for the new PayPal & Credit Card payment icon, and then click on it for the direct link to each order page:

PayPal logo

We will continue to monitor the database of, and any orders which do appear will be without card information. These orders can’t be processed or charged as your credit card details are no longer received by us.  We will contact you by email with alternative payment options, as listed above.


Wayne is getting ready to depart in a week’s time for the Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas, 16 – 18th September. It will be bigger than ever with a massive number of competitors in many different classes plus the Model Searches. Not to mention the comeback of much loved KEVIN LEVRONE. Wayne has been covering the Olympia since 1971, and has attended each Olympia held in Las Vegas since he was invited onto the Olympia camera team by Ben Weider in 1999.

You may wish to check out last year’s Olympia DVDs, with the details as follows. They were the longest ever with the Mr. Olympia 2 DVD set running 433 mins and the Women’s Olympia 2 DVD set running 456 mins.


Ollie is looking forward to covering the local INBA State Championships in 1 week’s time. We have done the video of this event for Kim Tanska for every year of the competition. Here is what Kim says –
“2016 marks the 17th year of The INBA in South Australia. What started off as a show with 15 competitors and it has grown into an event with 130+ competitors and 1000+ people through the doors on the day. This year’s show features athletes from all over Australia wishing to compete in this nationally recognised event. To place in the S.A. Titles is an achievement with many division having 15+ competitors.

INBA caters for teenage to 60 years old, Fitness and Bikini, and Men’s Fitness and Physique.

This year’s event commences at 9:30am with the Bodybuilding and Figure divisions. Witness the raw muscle and ripped physiques of male bodybuilders along with the sculptured aesthetics of female figure athletes. At 2pm the stage is graced with the sexy beauty of Bikini and Fitness athletes.”