1982 Mr. Olympia Chris Dickerson has passed away on Dec. 23, 2021, at the age of 82.   Chris had been in poor health, having never recovered from a major heart attack that he suffered  several years ago. 

In honour of Chris and this special tribute, his Photo Gallery has been updated and almost doubled in size.

Chris Dickerson was born in 1939 as part of a group of triplets in Montgomery, AL. He was a short competitor at 5′ 6″ and his shape and superb symmetry and great condition helped him win many major titles.

Chris Dickerson won probably every possible title during his magnificent career and was the sixth winner of bodybuilding’s biggest title, Mr Olympia.

When Dickerson won the 1970 AAU Mr. America title he was the first African-American champion athlete to do so. After his NABBA career had concluded, Chris went on to compete in the IFBB Pro League winning the 1979 Canada Pro Cup.

From runner up in Sydney to Arnold in 1980 at the Olympia through 1982 at his Olympia victory, Chris was probably the best pro bodybuilder in the world. These 3 years were his most successful years as a professional bodybuilder. Chris always gave thanks and recognition to Bill Pearl for much of his success.