Serge Nubret Colour Photo Gallery # 1

Serge Nubret Gallery # 2
Serge Nubret Gallery # 3

The photos with the LA Mountains background were taken by Wayne Gallasch in 1977, and most of the rest are by by Denie. There will be a second Serge Nubret Gallery later, comprising all of the best B&W photos. I rate SERGE NUBRET as one of the greatest ever physiques, and the one with the most pleasing shape that I have ever worked with. Here are the dates of my 3 Nubret photo shoots: LA Mountains, CA 15 July 1977, colour and B&W. London’s Russell Square 24 Sep. 1978 and Santa Monica Beach, CA 15 August 1980.

Most images are copyright GMV and are available for sale. They can be supplied as a hi-res .jpg or .tiff file. The file can be printed to the size and format preferred. For further information, contact, giving the name of the model.

Serge Nubret Seminar & Posing Video