Serge Nubret Colour Photo Gallery # 3

Serge Nubret Gallery # 1
Serge Nubret Gallery # 2

The photos with the LA Mountains background were taken by Wayne Gallasch in 1977, and most of the rest are by by Denie. There will be more Serge Nubret Galleries later, comprising all of the best B&W photos. I rate SERGE NUBRET as one of the greatest ever physiques, and the one with the most pleasing shape that I have ever worked with. Here are the dates of my 3 Nubret photo shoots: LA Mountains, CA 15 July 1977, colour and B&W. London’s Russell Square 24 Sep. 1978 and Santa Monica Beach, CA 15 August 1980.

Most images are copyright GMV and are available for sale. They can be supplied as a hi-res .jpg or .tiff file. The file can be printed to the size and format preferred. For further information, contact, giving the name of the model.

Serge Nubret Seminar & Posing Video