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1984 BDB Spring Cup Germany – Part 2 (Download)

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A-1539B Digital Download Duration: 60 mins Sample Clip

A fantastic find from the early 80’s. Ronald Matz and Peter Bosch at their peak. This part includes guest poser Bill Grant.


1984 BDB Spring Cup Germany – Men & Women Part 2

Guest Poser: Bill Grant

Part 2 Includes

Women’s Figure Routines (Continued)
Junior Men results
Figure results
Men Class 1 (posing routines)
Men Class 2 (posing routines)
Men Class 3 (posing routines)
Open men results
Bill Grant guest posing


Juniors Class 2
1. Frank Weber winner

Women’s BB
1 Nina Er
2 Rita Becker

Men Class 1
1 Peter Bosch
2 Hans-Walter (Hansi) Roesler

Men Class 2
1 Unknown
2 Hilmar Nagel

Men Class 3
1 Manfred Theilig
2 Ronald Matz

Men’s Masters Over 40
1 Manfred Theilig
2 Hilmar Nagel