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1987 Sport & Fitness Magazine #4 (Download)

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A-1566  Digital Download  Duration: 52 mins  Sample Clip

1987 FIBO highlights, plus highlights from the 1987 IFBB World Championships held in Madrid.  Includes Ralf Moeller, Tom Platz, Robert Dantlinger, Bertil Fox, John Brown and many more stars.



1987 Sport & Fitness Magazine #4

1987 FIBO highlights
Chest training with Francois Gay & Robert Dantlinger Dawn Marie Gnaegi posing in gym
1987 IFBB World Championship – Madrid highlights featuring 
Andreas Munzer Libor Minarik Pavol Jablonicky Manfred Grossler Gunter Kuhni Geir Borgan Paulsen Luiz Freitas Tom Platz leg extensions Karate demonstration Juliette Bergmann posing outdoors More FIBO content: Ralf Moeller bench pressing, bicep curls, posing John Brown posing Bertil Fox posing Alfred Neugebauer Anja Schreiner and Samir Bannout