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1987 NABBA Ms. Britain Download

1987 NABBA Ms. Britain (Download)

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A-0393A  Digital Doiwnload  Duration:  82 mins  Sample Clip

A “Golden Era” NABBA Britain, starring Figure:Heidi Thomas, Sonya Walker.  Physique: Robina Harvey and Colleen Yates – with Olympian athlete Donna Hartley-Wass in third place.

Product Description

1987 NABBA Ms. Britain – Prejudging & Show

May 16th 1987: The Opera House Church St. Blackpool Lancashire


1 Heidi Thomas
2 Sonia Walker
3 Catherine Furey
4 Yeta Hall
5 Sharon Walton
6 Karen Titherington
7 Patricia Bennett
8 Grace Deans
9 Cheryl Steel
10 Paula Waugh
11 Peppi Adair
12 Jackie Foster
13 Pauline Freeman‑Brown
14 Marian Farquharson
15 Andra Day
16 Dawn Leftwich
DNP:  Gina Bonham
Nicola Davies
Julie Pound


1 Robina Harvey
2 Coleen Yates
3 Donna Hartley‑Wass
4 Mandy Curry
5 Christine Magill
6 Kay Caseley
7 Jaqueline Young
8 Michele Lucas
9 Trez Lambert
10 Sheila Robinson
11 Susan Webber
DNP:      Ann Greenhough
Nneka Brooks
Kathy Knopp
Rosalind Richards
Ali Allen