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1993 Ms. Olympia

1993 Ms. Olympia (Download)

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“Lenda is Perfect!” In this her 4th Ms. Olympia crowning, Lenda Murray gets a perfect score. From New York City.

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1993 Ms. Olympia

“Lenda is Perfect!”  Lenda Murray gets a perfect score from all of the judges in her fourth year of Olympia victories.

Denise Rutkowski (second place), known as the “Golden Panther”, was possibly the most popular female bodybuilder during the early ‘90s. She said that training, discipline and diet were her keys to success.

The event was held in New York City.

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Lenda Murray
Sandy Riddell

The top 15 stars from a huge field of 32 athletes were: Lenda Murray (1), Denise Rutkowski (2), Laura Creavalle (3), Debbie Muggli (4), Kim Chizevsky (5), Sandy Riddell (6), Shelly Beattie (7), Sharon Marvel (8), Audrey Harris (9), Sharon Bruneau (10), Yolanda Hughes (11), Paula Bircumshaw (12), Nancy Lewis (13), Nikki Fuller (14), and Diana Dennis (15).

1993 Ms. Olympia Results

1. Lenda Murray  USA
2. Denise Rutkowski  USA
3. Laura Creavalle  Canada
4. Debbie Muggli  USA
5. Kim Chizevsky  USA
6. Sandy Riddell  USA
7. Shelley Beattie  USA
8. Sharon Marvel  USA
9. Audrey Harris  USA
10. Sharon Bruneau  Canada
11. Yolanda Hughes  USA
12. Paula Bircumshaw  England
13. Nancy Lewis  USA
14. Nikki Fuller  USA
15. Diana Dennis  USA
16. Marie-Laure Mahabir France
17. Laura Binetti  Canada
18. Christa Bauch  Germany
19. Diana Gimmler  Germany
19. Zuzana Korinkova  Czech Republic
19. Loretta Lomax  England
19. Astrid Falconi  Canada
19. Eva Sukupova  Czech Republic
19. Janet Marchi  Italy
19. Kimberley Jones  England
19. Mary Ellen Warman USA
19. Yurie Iijima  Japan
19. Anita Gandol  USA
19. Meral Ertunc  USA
19. Kathy Unger  USA
19. Laura Vukov  USA
19. Carol Exbrayat  France