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1994 IFBB German Championships – Women (Download)

AUD $12.50

A-1530 Digital Download Duration: 63 mins Sample Clip
A great example of 1990’s German women’s bodybuilding – includes champion guest poser Sabine Froschauer.


1994 IFBB German Championships – Women

Includes guest poser – Sabine Froschauer

Overall Winner Violett Keidel

1 Marika Blankenstein
2 Liana Wolter
3 Angelika Loebardt
4 Gudrun Schade
5 Ina Rist

1 Violett Keidel
2 Manuela Schwarz
3 Ute Schockherr
4 Silvia Lump
5 Heike Gungor

1 Birgit Wakenhut
2 Martina Flick
3 Lucia Bucher
4 Susanne Corona
5 Stefanie Jung