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1997 Fitness Olympia/Masters Olympia (Download)

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Coast to Coast Competitions’ — Carol Semple-Marzetta wins the Fitness Olympia in New York, while Vince Taylor impresses in the Masters in Long Beach.


1997 Fitness Olympia with Masters Olympia

“Coast to Coast Competitions” — The Fitness Olympia gains new prominence in New York, while the Masters impress the Mr. Olympia crowds in Long Beach, CA.

Vince Taylor Photo Gallery

1997 Fitness Olympia Results

1. Carol Semple-Marzetta USA
2. Saryn Muldrow Denmark
3. Lena Johannesen Norway
4. Susie Curry USA
5. Dale Tomita USA
6. Monica Brant USA
7. Karen Hulse USA
8. Teresa Hessler USA
9. Carmen Moreno Spain
10. Alexandra Beres Hungary
11. Timea Majorova Slovakia
12. Michelle Bellini USA
13. Stephanie Worsfold Canada
14. Jenifer Collins USA
15. Michele Ralabate USA
16. Melissa Frabbiele USA

1997 Masters Olympia Results

September 20, 1997 at Long Beach, California

Overall Winner: Vince Taylor USA

1. Vince Taylor USA
2. Sonny Schmid Australia
3. James Roberts Sweden
4. Quincy Roberts USA
5. Yohnnie Shambourger USA
6. Daniel Coussieu France
7. Emeric Delczeg Romania
8. Ali Malla Lebanon
9. Steve Davis USA
10. Nicholas Fotulu New Caledonia

Masters 40+
1. Vince Taylor USA

Masters 50+
1. Robby Robinson USA
2. Katsumi Ishimura Japan

Masters 60+
1. Honore Cironte Spain
2. Ed Corney USA