1997 Arnold Fitness Weekend Spectacular (Download)

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A-0931  Digital Download  Duration: 48 mins  Sample Clip

An amazing excerpts video from the 1997 Arnold Fitness Weekend event.  Includes lots of strength, and an interview with Franco Columbu.


1997 Arnold Fitness Spectacular

An amazing excerpts video from the 1997 Arnold Weekend event.

Hosted by Greg Lewis.

The Incredible Alexis Brothers – acrobatic strength act
Arnold introduces his latest movie – Batman & Robin where he plays Mr. Freeze
Highlights from the massive Expo floor. Includes chats with Lou Ferrigno & Craig Titus
World hula hoop champion Dania Maas
Irish Dancers
Greg interviews Chuck Norris
USA Karate Kids demonstration
Bob Whitcomb – World’s Strongest Juggler
Greg interviews Franco Columbu
Movie trailer and interview with Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson
Expo interview with North American Karate Champion Rob Fletcher
World Record Bench Press Competition & 2 man deadlift challenge
Interview with champion weightlifter Anthony Clark