2000 Ms. Olympia: Pump Room (Download)

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GMV-390  Digital Download Duration:  90 mins  Sample Clip

This historic release is the first ever Ms. Olympia PUMP ROOM video!! You’ve never seen these muscular women up close like this before. Shot with 2 cameras.


2000 Ms. Olympia: Pump Room

This historic release is the first ever Ms. Olympia PUMP ROOM DVD!! You’ve never seen these muscular women up close like this before. Shot with 2 cameras.

The DVD features:

This DVD includes all the back stage action with one camera roving and the other mostly in the pump-up area. We caught some incredible oiling and tensing sequences both in the locker room and back stage. You’ve never seen such intimate footage as our camera captures the ultimate moments of drama, tension and PUMPING UP in closeup. The DVD is 90% concentrated on the Ms. Olympia competitors, and in particular, Chepiga, Blanchette, Gates, McVicar, Kyle, Hoshor and Lewis.

We also include Ms. Fitness Olympia backstage highlights with an incredible stretching sequence with Timea Majorova, and much much more.
As there was no overall posedown this year between the 2 class winners, this meant that two new Ms. Olympias were crowned for 2000 in Valentina Chepiga and Andrulla Blanchette. Interestingly both were born outside USA with Andrulla from UK and Valentina from Ukraine. The total field may have been small but the quality was exceptional.

2000 Ms Olympia Results
Lightweights up to 135 pounds 
1 Andrulla Blanchette England
2 Brenda Raganot USA
3 Renee Casella USA
4 Cathy LeFrancois Priest Canada
5 Jennifer McVicar USA

Heavyweights over 135 pounds
1 Valentina Chepiga Ukraine
2 Vickie Gates USA
3 Lesa Lewis USA
4 Yaxeni Oriquen Venezuela
5 Iris Kyle USA
6 Denise Hosher USA
7 Th-resa Bostick USA