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2000 NABBA Miss Britain - Show Download

2000 NABBA Britain: Women (Download)

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A-1018  Digital Download  Duration:  103 mins  Sample Clip

The 2000 NABBA Miss Britain was notable for some outstanding physiques, including the overall winner Angela Barnes, Lynn Perrott, and Amanda Kay.


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2000 NABBA MISS BRITAIN:  Prejudging & Show

Saturday, 20th May 2000:   Southport, Lancashire, England


MISS BRITAIN CLASS 2 (Up to and including 163 cms ‑ 5′ 4″)

1  Angela Barnes  Midlands
2  Janet Moore    North England
3  Debbie Taylor  West England
4  Sharon Thompson      North England
5  Sharon Munro Midlands
6  Julie Waite    North  England
7  Lisa Briggs  S. England
8  Laura Church S.E      England
9  Julie Davies  West     England
10 Julia Colbourn  S.E    England
11  Gina Ford    West England

MISS BRITAIN CLASS 1 (Over 163 cms ‑ 5′ 4″)
1  Amanda Kay  N.E England
2  Lynn Perrott  West  England
3  Emma Jones  Midlands
4  Eileen Todd   Scotland
5  Lynn Harrison N.E England
6  Chanelle Gordon Midlands
7  Loraine Joseph  S.E England
8  Lucy Barrett  Wales