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2001 Ms. International – Finals (Download)

AUD $12.50

A-1545  Digital Download  Duration:  88 mins  Sample Clip

A fantastic line up of fabulous women – one of the few times that Vickie Gates beat her arch rival Iris Kyle.  Excellent quality.


2001 Ms. International – The Finals

A fabulous, fantastic lineup and one of the very few times that Vickie Gates beat the inimitable Iris Kyle.  Many wonderful physiques, and excellent quality.


Overall Winner Vickie Gates

1 Vickie Gates
2 Iris Kyle
3 Lesa Lewis
4 Yaxeni Oriquen
5 Betty Pariso
6 Gayle Moher
7 Tazzie Colomb
8 Amy Pazzo
9 Thresa Bostick
10 Paula Suzuki
11 Carmen Cotter
12 Pauliina Talus

1 Dayana Cadeau
2 Brenda Raganot
3 Angela Debatin
4 Cathy Lefrançois
5 Denise Masino
6 Yaz Boyum
7 Jennifer McVicar
8 Raejha Douziech-Savary
9 Peggy Schoolcraft
10 Monica Martin