2001 WFF World Championships: Women # 1 (Download)

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The Women’s Classes in this video are as follows:  Aerobic Fitness: Aerobic Performance: Aerobic Athletic: Fitness


2001 WFF World Championships:  Women, Video # 1 

The Women’s Classes in this video are as follows:

Aerobic Fitness, Aerobic Performance, Aerobic Athletic

An amazing video of an outstanding World Fitness Federation contest – the largest contest we have ever covered with 214 competitors in total.

This is the first of the two women’s videos and focuses on Aerobic Fitness, Aerobic Performance, Aerobic Athletic and Fitness Classes.

In this video you see the cream of the crop of European Bodybuilding plus competitors from USA and the UK. Virtually every country in Europe is represented – with a particularly strong contingent from Germany and the former Eastern block.

See the COMPLETE contest for the classes listed above, from all 3 rounds through to the awards. Every woman listed in the RESULTS below is seen in the video.


Women’s Aerobic Fitness Juniors
1 Anna Melnik – Lithuania
2 Aiste Mirzinkevichute
3 Ilze Sveiduka

Women’s Aerobic Fitness
1 Jolanta Mileriute – Lithuania
2 Elena Levy
3 Jelena Saprykina

Women’s Aerobic Performance
1 Cornelia Trost – Germany
2 Clara Bussini
3 Olga Sidorova

Women’s Aerobic Athletic
1 Olga Yakoleva – Russia
2 Steffi Kubsch

Women’s Fitness Juniors – Up to 18
1 Jelena Marchenko – Lithuania
2 Egle Barisevichute
3 Anita Nitecka
4 Oxana Rejal

Women’s Fitness Juniors – Over 18
1 Alexandra Hinterbauer – Austria
2 Susann May
3 Irena Garkalne
4 Verena Feld
5 Zhivile Elvikyte
6 Carina Pilsl

Women’s Fitness
1 Kathrin Schubert – Germany OVERALL WINNER
2 Tanja-Leona Meyer
3 Melanie Helfrich
4 Anna-Maria Konstantinidou
5 Dunja Beil
6 Anna Komisarova
7 Pascal Seels
8 Simone Esser
Carola Sieberer
Marina Rakauskaite
Kaju Guk
Cristina Sofotasiou
Iva Jurkovic

Women’s Fitness Over 30
1 Olga Vassina – Russia
2 Emma Rutz
3 Jana Maier
4 Yvonne Gruner
5 Marina Kariagina

Women’s Fitness Over 40
1 Britt Beyer – Germany