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2002 Ms. International (Download)

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A-1492  Digital Download  Duration: 83 mins  Sample Clip

Heavyweight won by Yaxeni Oriquen from two absolute champions – Iris Kyle and Vickie Gates.  Lightweight winner was the stunning Valentina Chepiga – but she succumbed to Yaxeni for the Overall Ms. International title.


2002 Ms. International

See the incredible lineup of champions in the Finals video from the 2002 Ms. International contest at the Arnold Fitness Weekend!!

Photo Galleries

Yaxeni Oriquen
Iris Kyle
Vickie Gates

Includes some great closeups from the house cameras as they captured all of the action.  Yaxeni Oriquen took out the Overall title from a star-studded field. The Lightweights included names such as Valentina Chepiga, Dayana Cadeau, Fannie Barrios, Cathy Priest and Denise Masino.

The amazing heavy weight champions included: Yaxeni Oriquen, Iris Kyle, Vickie Gates, Gayle Moher and Betty Pariso

1  Yaxeni Oriquen
2  Iris Kyle
3  Vickie Gates
4  Gayle Moher
5  Betty Pariso
6  Lisa Aukland

1  Valentina Chepiga
2  Dayana Cadeau
3  Fannie Barrios
4  Cathy Lefrançois
5  Angela Debatin
6  Denise Masino

Overall Ms International:  Yaxeni Oriquen