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2004 Ms. Olympia/Figure Olympia – Finals (Download)

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You can enjoy the complete Olympia contest at home viewing the world’s greatest physiques with the added benefit of scene selection.  The Women’s Olympia competitions: Ms. Olympia, Fitness Olympia and Figure Olympia.



2004 Ms. Olympia and Figure Olympia – Finals

You can enjoy the Ms. Olympia and Figure Olympia contest at home and view the world’s greatest physiques.  HISTORY at the MANDALAY BAY HOTEL in Las Vegas : 8-time Ms. Olympia champion Lenda Murray is defeated by Iris Kyle in an exciting and close-fought competition!  Iris Kyle is now the overall Ms. Olympia.

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Iris Kyle
Lenda Murray
Yaxeni Oriquen
Valentina Chepiga


Overall Winner: Iris Kyle

Heavyweights over 135 pounds 
1  Iris Kyle  USA
2  Lenda Murray  USA
3  Yaxeni Oriquen  Venezuela
4  Betty Pariso-Carmichael  USA
5  Betty Viana  Venezuela
6  Lisa Aukland  USA
7  Bonny Priest  USA

Lightweights up to 135 pounds 
1  Dayana Cadeau  Canada
2  Denise Masino  USA
3  Marja Lehtonen  Finland
4  Joanna Thomas  England
5  Desiree Ellis  Canada
6  Mah Ann Mendoza  Philippines
7  Nancy Lewis  USA
8  Valentina Chepiga  Ukraine
9  Vilma Caez  USA


1  Davana Medina  USA
2  Jenny Lynn  USA
3  Monica Brant  USA
4  Jaime Franklin  USA
5  Amber Littlejohn  USA
6  Christine Pomponio-Pate  USA
7  Mari Kudla-Donnelly  USA
8  Elaine Goodlad  Canada
9  Zena Collins  USA
10  Aleksandra Kobielak  Poland
11  Melissa Frabbiele  USA
12  Shannon Meteraud  USA
13  Dina Al-Sabah  Kuwait
14  Jaana Kotkansalo  Finland
15  Lisbeth Halikka  Finland