2006 WFF Universe – Women (Download)

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GMV-640  Digital Download  Duration:  139 mins  Sample clip

Includes the complete 3 rounds for all classes through to the posedowns and awards. The greatest collection of beautiful fit women in the world – one after the other the beauties just keep on coming out. These women are hot!!


2006 WFF Universe – Women: Prejudging & Show

Held in Dornbirn, Austria, on June 3rd, 2006 this major event attracted the best female athletes from Europe, Australia and around the world. The huge field was split into many different classes and categories, all of which are included, along with mixed pairs in this one huge Women’s video.

It includes the complete 3 rounds for all classes through to the posedowns and awards. The 4 Overall winners are listed below.

See the greatest collection of beautiful, athletic fit women in the world – one after the other as the beauties just keep on coming out on stage. These women are hot!! They do more than just quarter turns and comparisons. Some of the posing routines were sensational.

The complete posing routine of every single competitor is included. Apart from the contest footage in this video, we also include 8 minutes closeup pump room footage from backstage.


Women-Aerobic Fitness
1 Monica Wright
2 Livia Kallagova
3 Veronika Bialobskova
4 Anna Maria Maggio

Women-Fitness to 30
1 Sarah Whitby
2 Athina Michaloudis
3 Jasmin Higgs
4 Beata Vrabelova
5 Victoria Goodall

Women-Fitness over 30
1 Areti Ilievski – Overall Winner
2 Susan Malekpur-Shirazi
3 Melanie Helfrich
4 Anita Kenyon
5 Doris Berauer
6 Carmela Pavlic
7 Nancy Van Reusel

Women-Performance to 30
1 Saskia Valk
2 Ivonne Schulze
3 Yvonne Wetzler

Women-Performance over 30
1 Corinna Walther  – Overall Winner
2 Zivile Jankauskiene
3 Mojca Poljsak

1 Lina Mozüraityte
2 Angela Koekkoek

Women-Athletic over 30
1 Katerina Avramakis – Overall Winner
2 Inge Babel
3 Ute Köhler
4 Monika Vaclavikova
5 Pelagia Vlasiadi

1 Kamila Porczyk – Overall Winner
2 Brina Romih

Women-Superbody 0ver 30
1 Christina Menini
2 Ann Hewitt
3 Selma Gaßmann
4 Birgit Tiedke

Pairs Fitness
1 Monica Wright / Matt Thom – Australia
2 Corinna Walther / Andreas Trienbacher
3 Doris Berauer / Alexander Schroll

Pairs Athletic
1 Birgit Tiedke / Thomas Bachert
2 Pelagia Vlasiadi / Stelios Ktistakis