2009 SA INBA Natural Physique & Figure Titles – Women (Download)

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The event was one of the biggest bodybuilding shows ever held in South Australia with 81 competitors and with all classes well represented. Overall Women’s Champion Janelle McLean.


2009 South Australian INBA Natural Physique & Figure Titles – Women

In this year’s video you will see another incredible line-up of outstanding natural bodybuilders battling it out for the 2009 MAX’s South Australian INBA Natural Physique and Figure Titles. The event was one of the biggest bodybuilding shows ever held in South Australia with 81 competitors and with all classes for men and women very well represented.

You will see the complete women’s contest from start to finish.

The Overall Champion was Natural Mr. Olympia Joel Ramintas.

2009 MAX’S INBA South Australia Complete Results:

Women’s Novice
1st Tracie Brown
2nd Sue Raynor
3rd Wendy Andrews

Women’s Intermediate
1st Samara Jolley
2nd Melissa Wilczynski
3rd Tracy West
4th Susan Stringer
5th Danielle Morris
6th Jo Altman
7th Kim Brodie

1st Amelia Giannopoulos
2nd Emma Verlato
3rd Simone Weeks
4th Michelle Richards
5th Juliet Tregambe
6th Raina Cruise
7th Stephanie Zurawski
8th Caralyn Pedler
9th Hannah Delaine

Women’s Master’s O’40
1st Kerry Griffin
2nd Sofie Rossi
3rd Michelle Kittel
4th Naomi Colley

Women’s Open Figure
1st Janelle McLean (Overall Champion)  (Photo Gallery)
2nd Vicki Sauerwald
3rd Kate Alderman
4th Debbie Dunkley
5th Helen Dix


Men’s Teenage
1st Cory Harding
2nd Peter Brown
3rd Slava Zhukovsky

Men’s Junior
1st Ben Wortley
2nd Phillip Ward
3rd Tom Sutherland
4th Kris Moores
5th Nic Betts
6th Albert Ruiz

Men’s Novice
1st Luke Craggs
2nd Ilia Tsoutouras
3rd Steven Micelli
4th Kosta Besmylov
5th Jack Woodhouse
6th Jason Wong
David Holland
Lyndon Tagliati
Vic Aquaro
Daniel Oates
Jarrod Aitchison
Max Zobel

Men’s Intermediate
1st Steven Gaertner
2nd Gary Cleggett
3rd Stelio Birbas
4th Paul Cocks
5th Michael Ratcliffe
6th Michael Palmer
Ryan Samarzia
Steven Bottroff
Anthony Crouch
Kym Papadimitrioulis
Daniel Haughton

Men’s Master’s O’40
1st Martin Trott
2nd Peter Marshall
3rd Warwick Williams
4th David Wheeler

Men’s Master’s O’50
1st Ian Bowden
2nd Ronald Cutts
3rd Ray Moyle

Men’s Open Short
1st Joel Ramintas
2nd Shane Clarence
3rd William Bryson
4th Carlos Azevedo
5th Paul Anderton
6th Sean Pualic

Men’s Open Tall
1st Adam Barboza
2nd Gerard Mignone
3rd Luke Tsoutsouras
4th Dominic Lagana
5th Shayne Budgen
6th Michael Hambour
Michael Leo
Josh Sua