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2014 Nicole Wilkins Fitness Championships

2014 IFBB Nicole Wilkins Fitness Championships (Download)

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This DVD brings you the complete competition from all of the Prejudging to the Finals and Awards. Special trophy presenter during awards was 2014 Figure Olympia winner NICOLE WILKINS.

Product Description

2014 IFBB Nicole Wilkins Championships

Lahti Fair Centre, Finland, Saturday, October 11th, 2014

Current Olympia Figure champion Nicole Wilkins hosted this IFBB Championships which was promoted by KP Ourama. The major sponsors were FAST, Leader, Mass.fi, Better Bodies, GASP, FLEX and BODY Magazine.

There were 3 height categories within each division for BODY FITNESS and BIKINI FITNESS – Under 163cm, and Under and Over 168cm.

This video brings you the complete competition from all of the Prejudging to the Finals, Overalls and Awards.


Special trophy presenter during awards was 2014 Figure Olympia winner NICOLE WILKINS. She was assisted by 1981 Miss Olympia Kike Elomaa.

Pro cards were awarded to the 2 Overall Winners:
Body Fitness Overall: Adela Ondrejovicova, Slovakia
Bikini Fitness Overall: Egle Eller-Nabi, Estonia

Egle Eller-Nabi went on to compete in Nordic Pro Bikini Class that followed.


Body Fitness -163cm: Julie Oftedal, Norway
Body Fitness -168cm: Adela Ondrejovicova, Slovakia
Body Fitness +168cm: Ellen Elisabeth Berg, Norway
Bikini Fitness -163cm: Lone Norås, Norway
Bikini Fitness -168cm: Egle Eller-Nabi, Estonia
Bikini Fitness +168cm: Kathrin Hollmann, Germany

Complete Results

Body Fitness -163cm
1. Julie Oftedal, Norway
2. Renata Marcinkute, Lithuania
3. Angela Derzapf, Germany
4. Iina Levanoja, Finland
5. Emelie Lundberg, Sweden
6. Hanna Autti, Finland
Iisa Launiemi, Finland
Sara Karhunen, Finland
Marie Evers , Sweden
Rada Kircheva, Bulgaria
Lill Nicolaisen, Norway
Kristina Skjelberg, Norway
Vibeke Hermansen, Norway

Body Fitness -168cm
1. Adela Ondrejovicova, Slovakia
2. Nadia Isabella Pettersen, Norway
3. Hanna Saario, Finland
4. Katja Paju, Finland
5. Kristine Skjelberg, Norway
6. Sanna Kankaanranta, Finland

Body Fitness +168cm
1. Ellen Elisabeth Berg, Norway
2. Alexandra Hippwell, Germany
3. Elin Hassel, Finland
4. Lesley Barents, Netherlands
5. Bianka Horváth, Hungary
6. Anna Apel, Sweden
DSQ Daiva Varneliene, Lithuania

Body Fitness Overall: Adela Ondrejovicova, Slovakia

Bikini Fitness -163cm
1. Lone Norås, Norway
2. Jaana Malytcheva, Finland
3. Priscilla Haime, Netherlands
4. Linda Michelle Larsen, Norway
5. Laura Klimaviciene, Lithuania
6. Kristina Aleksejeva, Estonia
Riikka Turkumäki, Finland
Annina Weckman, Finland
Linda Danakas, Finland
Sanita Jussila, Finland
Sonja-Sofia Rannanjärvi, Finland
Lisa-Marie Sahlström, Finland
Ann Helen Bergström, Sweden
Tatjana Kreit, Estonia
Regina Krukovskaja, Estonia
Kornelia Pietrzyk, Poland
Sandra Jokic, Norway
DNS Iwona Kowalska, Poland

Bikini Fitness -168cm
1. Egle Eller-Nabi, Estonia
2. Rasa Selemonaviciute, Lithuania
3. Frida Sjöström, Sweden
4. Henriikka Klemetti, Finland
5. Mia Lahti, Finland
6. Pauliina Pakarinen, Finland
Sari Perälä, Finland
Eve Heikkinen, Finland
Niina Laukkanen, Finland
Laura Pojanluoma, Finland
Johanna Guessous, Finland
Zenna Macea, Sweden
Rigneida Provence, Netherlands
Ene Tomingas, Estonia
Signe Tilk, Estonia
Heddi Priivits, Estonia
Irini Barzinskiene, Lithuania
Önnela Raudsepp, Estonia

Bikini Fitness +168cm
1. Kathrin Hollmann, Germany
2. Caroliina Kinnarinen, Finland
3. Camilla Back, Finland
4. Lotta Jänne, Finland
5. Jade-Yolanda Huhtamäki, Finland
6. Eerika Heininen, Finland
Jasmi Qvick, Finland
Sanna Nuutinen, Finland
Mimosa Isomäki, Finland
Shirley van den Bos, Netherlands
Aleksandra Laer, Estonia

Bikini Fitness Overall: Egle Eller-Nabi, Estonia


Rafael Santonja

Jim Manion

Jason Breeze
Joni Turunen
Nordic Fitness Expo Photo Crew –
Tomi Rehell, Tapani Moisala, Tommi Mankki

Wayne R. Gallasch
Markus Kangas

Ollie Parke