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2014 NABBA Austrian Championships – Part 1 (Download)

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Part 1 includes Newcomers, Women WFF Fitness, NABBA Toned Figure, NABBA Figure, Juniors, WFF Fitness, WFF Performance



2014 NABBA Austrian Championships – Part 1

Part 1 includes:

Women WFF Fitness
NABBA Toned Figure
NABBA Figure
WFF Fitness
WFF Performance

Held in Grafenwörth, Austria on the May 31st, 2014 the NABBA Austrian Championships was a huge event with multiple classes. The event also included a number of WFF classes.
Many classes had large and highly competitive fields of outstanding bodybuilders.

The Men’s Overall winner was Ondřej Mlaka from the Czech Republic and the NABBA Figure Winner was Conny Schreiber.

2014 NABBA Austrian Championships
Grafenwörth, May 31st, 2014.


1. Gerhard Kranner
2. Johannes Lieberich
3. David Gutscher
4. Gregor Weihs
5. Kastriot Ramnabaja
6. Michael Landskorn
Manuel Ritt
Manfred Skok
Bernd Zinggl
Onur Cakir

Women WFF Fitness:
1. Natalie Scheidleder
2. Elena Mandl

NABBA Toned Figure:
1. Jana Kubackova-Gangl
2. Jenny Tsiami

NABBA Figure:
1. Conny Schreiber
2. Sigrid Hofstetter

1. Jan Risica (CZE)
2. Kastriot Ramnabaja
3. Felix Schiller
4. Michael Landskorn
5. Bernd Zinggl
6. Onur Cakir

WFF Fitness:
1. Gregor Weihs
2. Christian Gottlieb

WFF Performance:
1. Gerhard Kranner
2. Jürgen Fölß
3. Darko Belušić (CRO)
4. Mario Odzic (CRO)
5. David Gutscher
6. Norbert Jank

WFF Athletic:
1. Dmitry Romanov (LAT)
2. Rene Blaschek
3. Christian Baumgartner
4. Georg Mairinger
5. Manfred Skok
6. Manuel Ritt

WFF Superbody:
1. Christian Wögerer
2. Gordan Stimec (CRO)

Masters Over 50:
1. Thomas Berghuber
2. Kuntner Johann
3. Andreas Schlager

NABBA Men 3/4:
1. Michael Schneider
2. Michael Riedinger
3. Martin Vídeň (CZE)

NABBA Men 2:
1. Ondrej Mlaka (CZE)
2. Zdenek Branis (CZE)
3. Roman Arthaber
4. Daniel Hofer

NABBA Men 1:
1. Willy Maitner
2. Robert Smutny (CZE)
3. Renè Pausch
4. Johannes Lieberich