Cory Everson Seminar Posing: Part 2 (Download)

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GMV-042  Digital Download  Duration:  60 mins  Sample Clip

This is the seminar video to judge all the others against! It’s educational and entertaining throughout, and gives you the hard facts, together with humour and amusing anecdotes about bodybuilding personalities. The charisma and charm of Jeff and Cory is sheer magic and the camera captures the special way these people relate to each other and to the audience.


Cory Everson – Seminar & Posing

In the second hour of the video, Ms. Olympia shows, what was back then the first time on video, exactly how to strike the compulsory poses for competition. Jeff explains the muscularity and symmetry rounds, while Cory demonstrates the correct way to hit the poses. These are posing tips applicable to both males and females.

Cory Everson Photo Gallery

Cory and Jeff stimulate questions from the audience, repeating the questions for clarity. They cover more on how to prepare a posing routine, info on steroids, bodybuilding politics, and secrets on how Cory has become the greatest women’s physique of all time.

The video concludes with Cory’s full guest posing routine, plus a special encore. Outstanding camerawork, with many dramatic closeups.