FIBO Power 2006 (Download)

AUD $10.00

V-200  Digital Download  Duration:  102 mins  Sample Clip

Experience the best posing shows in the World from the HOT European Bodybuilding Scene: More Power – More Action – More stage shows than ever, and starring Mr. Olympia 8 times, Ronnie Coleman. The list of guest posing stars is mindboggling!



FIBO Power 2006

More Power – More Action – More stage shows

Get pumped with massive muscle action! This is the highlight DVD of the International bodybuilding scene for 2006, and includes major international stars, such as RONNIE COLEMAN, RONNY ROCKEL, CHRIS CORMIER and many more.

See the best in the World and in particular the HOT European Bodybuilding Scene:

Special Features:  The video includes a slide show plus Mario Rieger in “MARIOBOT”.

The stars include:

Ronnie Coleman  (Photo Gallery)
Andreas Frey
Joe Ladnier
Alexander Fedorov
Tina Schüssler
Kamila Porczyk
Hubert Olborski
Piotr Gluchowski
Thomas Scheu
Désireé Dümpel
Kemal Uysal
Aiman Faour
Ronny Rockel  (Photo Gallery)
Chris Cormier  (Photo Gallery)
Ernie Taylor  (Photo Gallery)
Alberto Machado
Matthias Botthof
Jimmy Atienza
Oliver von Sierakowski
Erich Beihl
Holger Kalisch
Regiane da Silva  (Photo Gallery)
Peter “Pit” Trenz
Silvio Samuel  (Photo Gallery)
Dennis James  (Photo Gallery)
Ralf Möller
Mascha Tieken
Heinz Ollesch
Ulli Schwarz
Frederica Bella
Marie-Pierre Ripert
Arnaud Plaisant
Maryse Manios
Mario Rieger
and many more…..

Please note there were no individual videos for FIBO from 2007 onwards.

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