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1981 IFBB Amateur Euro Championships (DVD)

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A-0117-DVD  Open Region DVD   Duration:  158 mins    Sample Preview

This is the best footage known to exist of the great Norwegian and European champion GUNNAR ROSBO. Women’s Overall Winner was Kike Elomaa from Finland.


1981 IFBB Amateur Euro Championships

The DVD commences with 35 minutes of pumping up and posing backstage in London at the 1981 IFBB European Amateur Championships.

Gunnar Rosbo Photo Gallery

In the Finals you will see all of the contest action from this exciting event, the 1981 IFBB European Amateur Championships for Men and Women – including the biggest stars of the time such as Gunnar Rosbo (Overall men’s winner), Josef Vesely, Angelito Lesta, Libor Minarik, Keijo Reiman, Christian Janatsch, Kike Elomaa (Overall women’s winner), and many more stars. The contest footage runs for 123 minutes.

This is the best footage known to exist of the great Norwegian and European champion GUNNAR ROSBO.

Star guest posers were Boyer Coe (Mr. Universe and Pro bodybuilder) and Rachel McLish (Miss Olympia).

Gunnar Rosbo was the very popular Men’s Overall Winner and Kike Elomaa the Overall Winner in the women’s section. She went on to win the 1981 Miss Olympia title. Rosbo was famous for his massive forearms and film star looks.

The complete Results are listed below. Many of the stars in the contest are also seen in the opening segment BEHIND THE SCENES & PUMP ROOM.

1981 IFBB European Amateur Championships – Men & Women: Results


1   Gunnar Rosbo   (Norway)
2   Josef Vesely   (Czechoslovakia)
3   Christian Janatsch   (Austria)
4   Franz Bach  (Germany)
5   Juhani Nyholm  (Finland)
6   Wilhelm Hauck  (Germany)
7   Gheorghe Huma  (Romania)
8   Manfred Grossler  (Austria)
9   Giovanni Curtarelli  (Italy)
10   Jan Malmqvist  (Sweden)
11   Marc Stroobandt  (Belgium)
12   Andrew Searle  (UK)
13   Dragan Miljkovic  (Yugoslavia)
14   Bert Holtman  (Holland)
15   Pascal Brochier  (France)
16   Johannis Kostoglakis  (Greece)
17   Mahmoud Jizawi  (Denmark)


1   Libor Minarik   (Czechoslovakia)
2   Keijo Reiman   (Finland)
3   Angelito Lesta   (UK)
4   Hubert Tschaudi  (Austria)
5   Erwin Note  (Belgium)
6   Johann Ossner  (Germany)
7   Jean-Marie Dudreuil  (France)
8   Mats Kardell  (Sweden)
9   Ali Changezi  (Pakistan)
10   Stephen McCulloch  (UK)
11   Jesper Vernon  (Denmark)
12   Marcel Derel  (France)
13   Jova Stojanovski  (Yugoslavia)
14   Metin Cetin  (Turkey)


1   Anton Holic   (Czechoslovakia)
2   Erwin Knoller   (West Germany)
3   Ereyetis Kurtural   (Turkey)
4   Daniel Coussieu  (France)
5   Ludwig Ingebretsen  (Norway)
6   Lucien Gunther  (Holland)
7   Martin Alamango (UK)
7   Sauro Calistri  (Italy)
9   Michel Dermaux  (Belgium)
9   Renato Somenzi  (Italy)
11   Michael Piliotis  (UK)
12   Vicente Segovia  (Spain)
13   Juhani Hokkanen  (Finland)
14   Bobby Thomas  (UK)
15   Edgar Dal Ponte  (Switzerland)
16   Dicky Martin  (UK)
17   James Shinners  (UK)
18   Ray Banfield  (UK)


1   Jose Rabanal   (France)
2   Fikret Hodzic   (Yugoslavia)
3   Reijo Kivioja   (Finland)
4   Mario Gionotta  (Italy)
5   Anton Hoppacher  (Germany)
6   Appie Steenbeek  (Netherlands)
7   Kent Malmstroem  (Sweden)
8   Romeo Speccia  (Italy)
9   Tony Ashmore  (UK)
10   Peter Peck  (UK)
11   Albin Steiner  (Germany)
12   Kevin Robinson  (UK)
13   D Radovanovic  (Yugoslavia)
14   Luis Toribo  (Spain)
15   Ken Jones  (UK)
16   Harald Skjoldt  (Norway)



1   Kike Elomaa   (Finland)
2   Lena Trulsson   (Sweden)
3   Vera Bendel   (West Germany)
4   Carolyn Cheshire  (UK)
5   Heidi Oysether  (Austria)
6   Angela Graham   (UK)
6   Hildegard Schaeffer  (Germany)
8   Vera Cools  (Belgium)
9   Christa Duker  (Holland)
10   Bernadette Carreras  (Spain)


1   Astrid Aschwender   (Switzerland)
2   Sue Tonks   (UK)
3   Jacqueline Roos   (Netherlands)
4   Dagmar Zuso  (Switzerland)
5   Josian Jamar  (France)
6   Jose Baumgartner   (France)
7   Carol White  (UK)
8   Marie Cabrol   (France)