1986 WABBA World Championships (DVD)

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A classic contest from the ’80s; includes guest posing by Samir Bannout. Pro Winner was Thierry Pastel from France – a magnificent physique. Men & Women.


1986 WABBA World Championships – Mr. & Miss World


Amateur & Professional
Kursaal, Bern, Switzerland     October 30-31, 1986

The 1986 WABBA World Championships was one of the greatest ever WABBA World Championships. Apart from the amazing standards in both the Amateur and Professional Classes, the star guest poser was 1983 Mr. Olympia Samir Bannout. Samir was in sensational form and delighted the huge crowd.

Samir Bannout Gallery

In the Amateur Class Men’s Overall posedown, it was the rugged muscularity, symmetry and hard condition of the Frenchman, Nordine Zouareg, that prevailed in the end.

For the Overall Women’s title, it was the battle of the Italians with the size, shape, class and style of Patricia Lo Coco being too much on the day for the elegant Anna Gileno. Future champion Sylvie Esmenjaud of France had to settle for 4th in her class.

In the Men’s Pro Class, it was a very close decision between old NABBA Universe rivals in Thierry Pastel – France and Pierro Venturato – Italy for the top award. Finally it was the rugged physique and massive arms of Thierry Pastel swaying the judges his way for first place.

The Pro Women’s class was won by the sensational Claudia Profanter of Italy, a future Ms. Olympia competitor. Claudia had the complete package of shape, style, condition, beauty and charisma.

Full running order

The DVD starts with approximately 10 mins of Prejudging Highlights from the men’s and women’s amateur classes.

The evening Show starts with all national teams posing together on stage. This is followed by the Amateur Classes with posing by the top 6 in each class in reverse order from 6th place down to the class winner and presentation of awards.

Men’s Results

Amateur Mr. World – Short Class – lineup posing then posing by
6.  Shinichi Udo – Japan
5.  Fabien Debecq – Belgium
4.  Max Pangerl – Austria
3.  Christian Benathan – France
2.  Justin Jospitre – France
1.  Nordine Zouareg – France, and victory poses by the top 3. The winner of this class was a superb poser.

Amateur Mr. World – Medium Class – lineup posing then posing by
6.  Peter Scigala – Germany
5.  Silvio Braico – Italy
4.  H von Broysel – Belgium
3.  M Mini – Italy
2.  Robert Ruffie – Italy
1.  Christian Cauchon – France, and victory poses by the top 3.

Amateur Mr. World – Tall Class – lineup posing then posing by
6.  Philippe Renard – France
5.  Pasquale Trotta – France
4.  Ernst Gemeinhardt – Austria
2.  G Giannis – Greece
1.  Massimo Venturato – Italy, and victory poses by the top 3.

Complete posing routine by the winner of the Men’s Best Poser Award – an unnamed guy from Japan who did not place top 6.

Guest posing routine by Samir Bannout – 1983 Mr. Olympia (see front cover photo above).

Women’s Results

Amateur Miss World – Short Class – lineup posing then posing by
6.  Lucette Daulcle – France
5.  E de Buffrewil – France
4.  M Pantalacci – France
3.  Chantal Nelson – France
2.  V Ghyoot – Belgium
1.  Anna Gileno – Italy, and victory poses by the top women.

Amateur Miss World – Tall Class – brief lineup posing and then posing by
6.  Patricia Rogier – France
5.  Janet Marchi – Italy
4.  Silvie Esmenjaud – France
3.  Danielle Pypops – Belgium
2.  C Bondallas – Switzerland
1.  Patricia Lo Coco – Italy, and victory poses by top 3.

Posing routine by the winner of the Women’s Best Poser Award – Chantal Nelson – France.

Men’s Amateur Mr. World – Overall Posedown won by Nordine Zouareg – France.

Women’s Amateur Miss World – Overall Posedown won by Patricia Lo Coco of Italy.
The main winners pose together for group photos. Some of the women’s posing costumes were the briefest we have ever seen!

Professional Miss World

1.  Claudia Profanter – Italy, with award presented by Serge Nubret.
2.  L Demonego – Italy

Professional Mr. World

5.  Bill Richardson – Belgium/UK
4.  Christian Gomba – France
3.  Roberto Zardinoni – Italy
2.  Pierro Venturato – Italy
1.  Thierry Pastel – France, and award presented by Serge Nubret.