1988 EFBB British Championships (DVD)

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See DORIAN YATES win the Heavyweight Class and then the Overall Title to gain his Pro Card. This is a slice of Dorian’s early history. Dorian then went on to win 6 Mr Olympia crowns.


1988 EFBB British Championships

Men and Women. 

See DORIAN YATES win the Heavyweight Over 90kg Class and the Overall title to gain his Pro Card. This is a slice of Dorian’s early history.

Dorian later went on to win 6 Mr Olympia crowns. (Please note we had no photos of the women’s class winners.)

The Special Guest Poser was PHIL HILL from USA.

1988 EFBB British Championships Results:

Overall Men’s Winner and a Pro Card: Dorian Yates

Men 70Kg
1. Cavan Derby
2. Tony Miller
3. Wilf Sylvester
4. Mike Piliotis
5. Peter Peck
6. Mauro Sardu

Women – Under 52Kg
1. Kay Caseley
2. Tina Parker
3. Sonia Newsam
4. Chris Shepherd
5. Mandy Edge
6. Carmel Butler

Men:  80Kg
1. Fred Chadwick
2. Ian Atkinson
3. Gary Shelmerdine
4. Bob Kirk
5. Richard Oxley
6. Barry Fitchett

Women Under 57Kg
1. Marion Bold
2..Trez Lambert
3. Gill Munro
4. Linda Middleton
5. Sandra Berry
6. Jeanette Keeley

Men Under 90 Kg
1. Andy Watts
2. Steve Avery
3. Chris Hayler
4. Mick Theo
5. Lawrence MacFoy
6. Steve Mullarkey

Women – Over 57 Kg
1. Mary Ann Gay
2. Loretta Lomax
3. Paula Bircumshaw
4. Joanne Lee
5. Lisa Morrison
6. Joan Nicholson

Men Over 90 Kg
1. Dorian Yates
2. Gary Taylor
3. Amoury Francis
4. Sulby Prince
5. Dereck Prittard
6. Tom Hawk