1995 SABBA S A Bodybuilding Championships (DVD)

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GMV-207-DVD  Open Region DVD  Duration 140 mins Sample Clip

This is a massive DVD – 140 minutes of South Australian bodybuilding from the mid 90’s. Men and women. Overall Mr. South Australia Bill Bryson. Overall Figure Champion Terri Roberts.


1995 SABBA South Australian Bodybuilding Championships

Prejudging & Show – Men & Women

The state of South Australia’s most important bodybuilding championships took place on 16th September before a very vocal crowd. The Dom Polski Centre was packed to the ceiling with screaming fans. Guest poser Gary Vandenberg opened the Show, followed by the Teenage Class (winner Boota Singh), Junior Class (winner Scott Jamieson) and a fantastic Novice Class.

The Novice Class was hotly contested with some very fine physiques vying for top honours. With a symmetrical and lean physique, Charlie Egan took home the beautifully moulded winner’s trophy. Fighting Charlie all the way was second place getter Brian Wells, followed closely by Paul Heaft.

The Women’s Figure Class is always laden with talent, and this year was no exception. Terri Roberts won the title, reversing a decision one week earlier against Janelle McLean, who came a close second. A superbly conditioned Heather Adams was the worthy winner of the Women’s Physique Class, coming in with her best shape ever. This was born out by her win at the Australasia one week later, and a third place at the 1995 NABBA Universe in England.

The Men’s Open was divided into three height classes: Kari Sohkanen successfully defended his title from last year in the Short Class, and Mark Trewartha was uncontested in the Men’s Tall. All the action was centered on the Men’s Medium Class, with last year’s Novice Winner Jason Freemantle fighting it out against a hard as nails Bill Bryson. Both had improved so much since their last appearance it was a tough decision. Bill Bryson got the nod, and went on to win the Overall title of Mr. South Australia for 1995.



1. Boota Singh
2. Curt Norris
3. Greg Karotis

1. Scott Jamieson
2. Craig Stevens

1. Charlie Egan
2. Brian Wells
3. Paul Heaft
4. Paul Sampson
5. Craig Hasch
6. Tony Wallis

Men’s Masters
Jackie Kirk

Men’s Open Short
1. Kari Sohkanen
2. Warwick Williams
3. Peter Mander

Men’s Open Medium
1. Bill Bryson
2. Jason Freemantle

Women’s Figure
1. Terri Roberts
2. Janelle McLean
3. Sharon Sumner
4. Lorraine Malbut
5. Cheryl Dale

Women’s Physique
Heather Adams

Men’s Open Tall
1. Mark Trewartha