1996 9th Miss World Figure Grand Prix (DVD)

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GMV-227-DVD    Open Region DVD  Duration: 90 mins  Sample Clip

It  became a battle between Susana Palma of Spain and Australia’s Diane Jardim for the top honour. Diane was the winner of this particular battle in an extremely tough line-up.



June 1st, 1996   Frankfurt, Germany.   Held under NABBA rules.

This amazing contest brought together the cream of NABBA’s figure class competitors from Europe, U.K. and Australia. Held as part of the 1996 German NABBA National Championships (see details below) in the magnificent Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt, 23 incredible figure women took to the stage.

The countries represented included Germany, Holland, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Spain, Switzerland, England and Australia.


It was obvious from the first call-out that the battle was between Australia and Europe, and it eventually became a contest for the number one award between Susana Palma of Spain and Australia’s Diane Jardim. (Diane is shown front cover main image and Susana is shown lower front image. Sabine Weeke is the larger image rear cover).

Diane was the eventual winner of this particular battle in an extremely tough line-up of champions. The German audience was very appreciative of this top international lineup, and called out for their favourite competitor regardless of the country of origin.

This DVD includes interviews with 6 of the top competitors and presents the complete contest, prejudging and show, with all round one comparisons, all round 3 compulsories and the full posing routines of all 23 fantastic competitors.
The posedowns and awards are also included. This is the highest standard Women’s Figure Contest DVD we have ever offered.


1996 9th Miss World Figure Grand Prix
1. Diane Jardim (Australia)
2. Susana Palma (Spain)
3. Sabine Weeke (Germany)
4. Alexandra Baumann (Germany)
5. Pina Theodoridis (Australia)
6. Claudia Mühlhaus (Germany)
7. Susan Malekpur (Germany)
8. Anke Schwarz (Germany)
9. Lisa Morgan (England)
10. Helga Tieben (Holland)
Heike Mette (Germany)
Heike Neubauer (Germany)
Claudia Machmor (Germany)
Ines Vogel (Germany)
Petra Morlok (Germany)
Nicole Scholl (Germany)
Mandy Kietzke (Germany)
Karla Priske (Czech Rep.)
Daniela Haric (Croatia)
Corinna Mathis (Switzerland)
Bianca Blumenrother (Germany)
Emma Hagans (England)
Stefanie Friedel (Germany)


Tina Gallasch interviewed the following competitors:
Pina Theodoridis
Susana Palma
Lisa Morgan
Helga Tieben
Karla Priske
Corinna Mathis

Photos by Ralf Krueger courtesy NABBA.